Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Quick Announcement

Hi everybody. I still have more reviews on my LUSH goodies, but i wanted to make a quick post.

To those who entered my contest:
I am so sorry, but i deleted my entire inbox and lost your addresses. I am waiting on a shipment of containers so i can send out your little goodies for entering. But i need your addresses. If you could please email me them again with the subject "ADDRESS" i would appreciate it! I wanted to say sorry it has taken so long, but i had to order some little containers in order to send out your little goodies for entering!

Thanks so much! Hope you understand.

Be on the watch for more LUSH reviews later today!

Til next time!


Nina said...

I just emailed you my address. Thanks!

Cris said...

OK, will do...Sorry to hear you lost all your e-mails :(. That happened to me once and I didn't take it well >:-)...Lol.

Lisa Fashionista said...

thanks girl! I just email you!
can't wait for your Lush reviews, I am Lush virgin! lol

Lisa Fashionista said...

haha opps I can't type today.