Friday, March 20, 2009

MAC Grand Duo Collection Review

Moon River

Earth to Earth

Love Rock

When i first heard about this collection i was super excited! I LOVEEEE blushes and face products. Way more than eye stuff. Granted i love eyeshadows and doing eye makeup, i uch more prefer "painting" my face!

I wanted to order all of them, but they were $22.50/each. Yeah, right. I decided to only order the ones i really loves and would use often.

Typical MAC packaging. No special LE stuff here. Half is a solid mineralized color, half is a marbled mineralized side with vein-ing of other colors to compliment the solid "blush" side. Gorgeous to look at.

Amazing. The pigmentation of these are great. Definitely why MAC promoted to duo fiber 188. They are super smooth and blend beautifully.

YESSSS it is there. No it is not a chunky shimmer. There is no glitter in these. It is a very strong pearlescent sheen. Absolutely stunning!

Overall, i dont have much to say about these. My favorite is Earth to Earth. Will be a summer staple for sure. Love Rock is next! Awesome purple/pink. Moon River is my least favorite, although i still love it. It is just very light, so i feel it will look best layered over a darker cream base. If you love shimmering, pigmented, fun cheek stuff, you should get these.

I absolutely love everyone i got!

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Cris said...

I like Moon River the most :). Not sure whether I'll get it though.
Thanks for the review :D!

Zoella. said...

I have love rock and i loove it. Couldn't shell out for the others :( I swear these seem smaller than normal blushers..i dont think they's just because its sat with my MSF'S and looks teeny haha I kindof wish they were MSF size though. Great review Posey! xx

Lydia said...

Wow these are so gorgeous!

Ms M said...

This are so cute! i like that theyre shimmery but not glittery; glitter is a bitch to get off ;)

cool blog


*Nehs* said...

thanks for the review posey! the 3rd one looks so pretty!!