Wednesday, December 31, 2008

MAC Zoom Lash Review

No picture, but i will try and get them this week. I will post a before and after.

I got a mini Zoom Lash Mascara with the holiday set i ordered.

I have been using this everyday since Monday, and this is how i feel about it.

Its a good everyday Mascara that adds alot of length in my opinion. It is a very true black, which i love. It goes on easily, and im surprised at how much i love the tinier brush that is skinny on the end, and gets a little thicker as you go more towards the wand handle. Typically, i like fat brushes/wands. The smell is a bit overwhelming.

  • Love the brush, it gets to every little tiny lash on top and bottom.
  • Really lengthens the lashes
  • Doesn't flake
  • Very black


  • Doesnt make the lashes very full. While it does add length, it doesnt add much volume and fullness
  • The smell. It has the strong Mascara smell. Im not sure if all MAC masraca's do, but this one certainly does. Like right now, its 10:00am my time, i put my mascara on at 8:15am, and i can STILL smell it. Most mascara smells will fade, but not with this one. I specifically remember yesterday when i could smell it around 3pm. Its not horribly strong, but it does linger. So if you are sensitive to smells, i really dont recommend this.

You will like this if:

You already have full lashes and want more length

Want a nice everday mascara that isnt too much for office wear, that wont give you spider lashes.

Thats all ladies. Not sure if i will be posting until the new year, but i will have my HUGE haul post hopefully pictured up this weekend so i can post it!

Til next time!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hand Care

Pictures from

As many of you know, the first signs on aging show in and around your eyes and hands. I have never really liked my hands, they are always dry. And i was a nail biter so my nails were always short.

Thankfully, i have kicked the biting habit (for now lol) and my nails are over 5/8 of an inch, from cuticle to tip (last measuremeant about a week ago)

My cuticles are constantly cracking and dry, and i scratch at the cuticles on my thumbs.

If you remember, i tried the True Blue Spa cuticle treatment from Bath and Body Works and hated it.

I finally bought the Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme, and i am in love!

I wash my hands frequently, which assists in the dryness. Now, everytime i wash my hands, i moisturize.

First, i apply the cuticle creme, then the Nivea Soft moisturizing creme. Both equally amazing.

I have noticed a difference in the appearance of my cuticles, and my hands are soft, almost glowy like when you first apply lotion to legs.

Its only been a few days of use, but im loving the cuticle creme. It is again, the texture of a lip balm, maybe a bit harder, and the tin will last so long! i keep it in my purse so no matter when i need it, i have it.

You will like these if:
  • You have splitting, dry, or cracking cuticles
  • You would like to promote healthy nail growth
  • You want super soft hands

These ARE drugstore items, and both can be purchased from

Happy shopping!

Monday, December 29, 2008

EOTD: White and Purple

In the pictures, the purple is REALLY washed out. UGH! I will try to get better at this makeup picture taking. Lol.

I love purples, i feel like they really make my brown eyes pop.

How To:

  • Apply UDPP from lashline to brow bone.
  • Use NYX jumbo eye pencil in "milk" on inner half lid as white base
  • Use NYX jumbo eye pencil in "purple" on outter half lid as pruple base.
  • Using the 239, pat NYX eyeshadow in "white frost" on inner half of lid, over white pencil.
  • Using the other side of the 239, pat Urban Decay's Asphyxia eyeshadow on outter half of lid
  • Pull puple through the crease.
  • Use MAC Shroom as highlight color.
  • Put NYX "milk" pencil on lower inner half lashline, followed by NYX "purple" pencil on outter lower lashline.
  • Using a pencil brush, like MAC's 219, apply NYX "white frost" over white liner, and UD "Asphyxia" over purple liner.
  • Coat lashes in CoverGirl Lash Blash Mascara in Black.


My little black box.....

HAS ARRIVED! Its so amazing how excited i get when UPS pulls up and the UPS man is carrying a little black box.

I got my MAC haul. Nothing huge, but super exciting.

I will probably be posting tonight my MAC haul that just arrived, and some hauling i did yesterday, as well as the makeup stuffs i got for Christmas!

Stayt tuned..

Til next time!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Will post

my Christmas Makeup Goodies as soon as i get some time.

I am doing some shopping (clothes) today, and monday at work, i should get my small MAC haul, so i will probably do one big post.

til then!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Ok no pics, because i literally just hit the place order button, lol, but i just ordered :

Dame Edna Lipglass in Hot Frost (the only thing in the collection that i really liked)
Charming Garnet Glamour Basics Set (25% off, Includes regular-sized iridescent powder in Belightful, and Slimshine lipcolour in Bare. Features a mini Zoom Lash Mascara in Zoomblack along with the 181SE Mini Buffer Brush. Hello great deal!)

I got free standard shipping, and a 5 dollar 2nd day discount! AWESOME!

I cant wait!

Monday, December 22, 2008

EOTD: Neutral with colored liner

Again, i hate this picture, i took liek 10 pictures and every one was washed out!

Excuse the brows, i have YET to find a place to get my eyebrows threaded.

How to:

  • Apply UDPP (urban decay primer potion) from lash line to brow bone.
  • Using MAC 239, apply Urban Decay "shag" on entire lid up to crease
  • Apply MAC "shroom" to highlight
  • Using MAC 217, apply Urban Decay "underground" to crease and outer V
  • Line upper lashline with MAC Blacktrack Fluidline with MAC 263 brush.
  • Line lower lashline with any teal eyeliner.

I have NEVER done colored eyeliner, especially anything that even remotely is close to the color blue, but i liked it. I may experiment more with contrasting liner colors like this.

Til next time!

Essie "The Best Dressed Nails" Set

My first Essie Purchase. I got Essie's "The Best Dressed Nails" set. I had HIGH expectations. Did Essie live up to them?

Top L-R: Essie Ballet Slippers Nail Polish, Essie Bordeaux Nail Polish
Bottom L-R: Essie Apricot Cuticle Oil, Essie First Base Coat, Essie good to go! fast drying top coat.
Essie smoothies hand lotion.

Swatch of first base coat, 2 coats ballet slippers.
So i recieved my order and was SUPER excited, it was packaged nicely and clearly so i could see everything. I couldn't contain my excited! As soon as i got home from work, i opened the package.
This is where i started to get frustrated!!!!
So Each bottle is nestled in the packaging nice and sturdy. Well each bottle has a SUPER STICKY glue on it to keep it in place, except that it isnt even holding it, the packaging holds it fine by itself, so the glue is USELESS!! And you CAN NOT get it off the bottles! So annoying.
Ok ill get past that. So i start to use all the stuff in the set, and i first apply the cuticle oil.
Hmm, ok wont say it was the best. I guess i expected it to be more oily? but its like a dry oil. But it was ok because then it didnt sit on my fingers.
The smoothie hand lotion is great! i really love it! Made my hands soft and soaked in quickly.
What i DIDNT like about ANY of the polishes, base/top included are the brushes. They seemed very cheapy and almost plastic like. So applying the polishes wasnt that simple. And the top coat was VERY thick, yet it WAS fast drying, so i like it.
The bottles are VERY tiny as well. I knew they wouldnt be full size, but they are SMALL!
Overall: The 2 polish colors are beautiful. Ballet slippers is a very pale pink, yet still flattering, and Bordeaux is like a deep red wine, but not vampy, just very red, like blood red! But, i dont like the brushes at all! And the packaging with the sticky glue is really annoying. I honestly cant say if i will spend the money on a full size bottle, just because of the quality and price of the sets, but i would try it if i got it as a gift.
I am giving this a 3 out of 5! Beacause the colors were nice, the top coat was fast drying, and i love the hand lotion!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Cuticle Cream Update

So, i have been using this stuff pretty regularly since i made my first review post.....


Seriously, my cuticles still are in horrible condition.

you know when you put lotion on your hands, the skin on your hands is INSTANTLY SOFTER?!?! YES!

So you would think that putting cuticle cream on your cuticles would make your cuticles INSTANTLY SOFT, right? Ok well it doesnt! UGHH

Like ok, right now, my right thumb nail cuticle is like reallly messed up, like i wish i had some clippers to get rid of this hard piece of skin(gross yes) so i whip out my cuticle cream, rub it on, STILL HARD.

It is just liek oily greasy-ness sitting on top of my horrible cuticles.

Needless to say, i told my boyfriend to stock my stuffing with the burt's bees cuticle treatment, so once i try it out, i will let you ladies know how it works!

Until next time!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Japanese Thermal Reconditioning

Hey everyone.
Today i have decided to book a consultation to get my hair straightened. I am going to get the Japanese Thermal Reconditioning, well as long as my hair will take it well lol.

I have naturally curly hair. Its not frissy or kinky, just curly. And i DONT LIKE IT AT ALL. I would love ot be able to scrunch it and such, but i dont liek my natural curls.

They are beautiful and bouncy, but they never fall right, especially around my face, and i hate having to always do a stupid pomp in the front. Plus, i feel more polished and put together when my hair is straight.

So i am going to slap down the money and 6 HOURS OF MY LIFE to get this done.

Its $100/hr and typically takes 6 hours to do depending on hair lenght, thickness etc.

I will definitely keep you updated on how it goes. Im thinking i will get it done in January. The salon that does it is about an hour away! LONG DAY! lol.

Any of you ever get this done or know someone who has? Please leave me a comment, let me know how it went for them or you!

Monday, December 15, 2008


Hey everyone!

I just wanted to give a shout out to an AWESOME blog! I check it daily (sometimes more haha) and its just wonderful!

Check out Katee at

If you LOVE everything nails and nailpolish, you will LOVE her site, and if you arent nail obsessed, YOU WILL BE!

She has great swatches of new and upcoming collections, and wonderful tips on keeping your nails in tip top shape!

Check her out!

My Skin Care Routine

Hey ladies! I was going to just review some of my face products, but instead decided to tell you my routine and why i love and use each product!
Day time:

Photo take from
Clean and Clear Morning Burst Shine Control Cleanser.
I love this cleanser. It is a liquidy-gel like consistency. It has a great smell. The little beads in it are NOT scrub, they "burst" to wake you up, or so they claim. I think they are just scented.
I love this cleanser because it is cheap ($6.49 at and works. It helps keep shine at bay ALOT. I am not overly oily. I get a little shine, but sometimes i feel oily. This really helps keep my skin matte, without drying my skin. I wet my face with warm (NOT HOT) water, pump one pump into my hand, rub my finger together, and apply in soft, circular motions all over my face. I rinse with warm water, then pat dry. My skin always feels clean and refreshed. I use this in the morning.

Photo taken from

After cleansing, while my face is still damp, i apply my Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion. This is not specifically for use on only the face. It can be used anywhere on the body. I love this lotion because of the fact that is is for sensitive skin, unscented, and made for all skin types. It has not broken me out at all. During the summer months, i use this at night, but during the winter, i use it during the day. It is not heavy at all and really has helped my patchy cheeks during the winter months. It can be purchased at most grocery and drugstores or from for $9.99. This bottle is HUGE and will lasts months.

Night Time:

Photo taken from
At night, after removing my eye makeup, i use Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser. Again, this is not specifically made for just the face, it can be used any where on the body. It does NOT lather, and it almost feels like it leaves a film on the face. I really like it because at night i like to have extra moisture, and this really does the job. It does not remove my eye makeup, so i have to do it first. Cetaphil DOES make a cleanser for just the face, but i like this one because i can use it on my body if my skin has a dry area or somewhere that needs soothing. This can be purchased from for $9.99, or most grocery/drugstores.

Photo taken from
After cleansing at night, i use Eucerin Original Moisturizing Lotion. I LOVE this moisturizer. I use it on my WHOLE body and it has helped my scaley skin SO much. The skin on my face was very dry for a few weeks due to the weather change. I started using this at night and BAM nice moisturized skin! The skin on my legs have been very dry and scaley as well, and this has taken care of it. I use this on my body day and night, but only on my face at night as it is heavier. You should use a heavier cream at night. Your skin can get dried out at night because your body is working hard repairing itself. So you need the extra moisture.
This can be purchased at many drugstores and at for $11.99. This bottle is huge and will last for months.
Well that is my skincare routine. I TRULY believe great skin care can come from the "drugstore". Face products get used SO quickly since we use them everyday, and for me, its not feesible for me to spend bookoo bucks on products that will run out quickly. I love my drugstore products and they work GREAT of me.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Holiday Gift Idea!

Do you know someone who is ALWAYS digging in their purses to find something? Or are YOU that person? Then here is a gift to give or recieve.

A purse organizer!

Ok ok, does it really help?!


I have had mine for about 8 months, and I DONT KNOW WHAT I DID BEFORE IT!

It doesnt hold EVERYTHING, but it has spots for my cell phone, gum, lotion, tide to go sticks, pens and chapstick!

Here is a link where you can purchase it:

It comes with the purse organizer, clip on light (which really does come in handy!, tweezers, and a dual sided compact mirror with one side magnetized). The tweezer sucked, but HELLLLLLOOOOOO, $10.95? GREAT price!

If your stuck on what to get someone, look into this. I have it in charcoal. I have a brown/tan Coach bag, but you don tnotice the organzier that much.

It sits around the outside of the purse (which also helpes the purse not slouch, and helps it stand up easier) so big items like wallets and cosmetic bags can sit in the middle!

It has made my life SO much easier. It can fit in smaller bags, but some of the pockets wont be accessable then.

i give this product a 5 out of 5!

Bath and Body Works True Blue Spa Cuticle Treatment

HOLY MOLY long title.

Photo credit:

For the last 4 days, i have been using the Bath and Body Works True Blue Spa Cuticle Treatment with 59% Shea Butter.
Originally, i was going to purchase the Burt's Bees cuticle balm stuff (can't remeber exact name) but remembered i had this in my nail stash already, and instead od spending more money, figured i would use this first.
Now, again, i have only been using it 4 days, but this is how i feel about the product so far.
Directions: To maintain your mani massage a small amount into cuticles daily.
Well i use this product quite a few times a day. Right now, my cuticles are in HORRIBLE condition due to the cold weather, so my cuticles are splitting etc. OUCH! So everytime i wash my hands, i apply the cuticle treatment, then hand lotion.
I just run my finger over the balm (that is the texture it is to me) just like i would if i were to apply a lip balm, and rub it over my nail beds and cuticles. I can usually doa few fingers before re-"dipping".
-Tub is a good size.
-Only need a TINY amount. So it will last a long time. And i mean a LONG time.
-Tosses fine into my purse.
-Smell is almost like eucolyptus(spelling, ouch), but is very faint. Fades quickly.
-Slightly greasy.
-I have to wipe my finger off on a paper towel to get rid of the feeling, which is a bit of a hassle when im applying it so frequently throughout the day at work.
-price. ok 9 dollars isnt ALOT, but for people on a budget, i could find something cheaper
-isnt making a huge difference.
-doesnt sink into the skin very fast. sort of sits on top.
Its an OK product. It does seem to moisturize a bit, but the greasy feeling is a bit of an annoyance. I am going to continue to use it for about 2 more weeks, but i may go ahead and try the Burt's Bees one since it is getting great reviews.
Until next time!!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ive been tagged!!! =] 16 random facts about ME!

I was tagged by makeup mama:
Check out her blog. She is so adorable and posts are always frequent!
Thanks makeup mama!

The deal: once you’ve been tagged, you have to write a blog with sixteen random things, facts, habits or goals about you. at the end choose ten people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them. don’t forget to leave them a comment (“you’re it”) and to read your blog. you can’t tag the person who tagged you.

Well here we go, not sure if i have 16 random facts lol:

1. I am DEATHLY afraid of the dark. I cannot go anywhere in my OWN house that is dark. I make my boyfriend turn on lights and go in rooms/dark places first.

2. I have been with my boyfriend for over 5 years. Since i was 15, almost 16. People are usually shocked we havent been married, and have 6 kids by now! lol

3. I pick at the skin on my fingers. Not terribly, but on my thumbs. i dont even realize i do it. I have been using a cuticle treatment (review to come).

4. I died my hair when i was 13 with BLEACH, like HOUSEHOLD bleach. My hair turned orange.

5. I have naturally curly hair, and i HATE it. I feel like it makes my face look fat. I wish i had the money to get it permanently straightened.

6. Most women wish they were taller, but i wish i was shorter. Im 5'4 and when i wear heels, im almost as tall as my boyfriend, so i wish i was shorter. Lol.

7. I never owned a dog my whole life, until now.

8. I hope to be married and have a child by the time im 24. (im 21).

9. I speak fluent ASL(american sign language).

10. I want to become and interpreter for the deaf.

11. I have worked for my family for 4 years.

12. I hate working for family, but i love that its fairly lienient as far as time off etc.

13. I dont want to know the sex of my baby when i am pregnant, but i know i will find out anyways.

14. I bought my own home (with my boyfriend) at the age of 21.

15. I am HORRIBLE at geography. (Wait Massachusettes is ABOVE new york???) lol. I thought for the longest time that Aalaska was by the south pole.

16. I LOVE to spend money. Even if i dont need something, i love it. And i buy a million of the same thing in different colors since i dont like patterns.

I am tagging:

Boomer the beagle

Here is our (me and my boyfriend's) fur baby!

His name is Boomer and he is 17 weeks.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I didnt upload pics BECAUSEEEEE

I got a puppy on sunday!!!!!

Y'all dont even know how bad i have wanted a puppy/dog! MY WHOLE LIFE! i have never had a dog!

Now, i am the proud owner of a pure bred beagle, named Boomer, who is 4 months old!

Beagles are by far my favorite breed and i have been os happy to introduce him into me and my SO's "family".

I will be getting pics uploaded, but im so dang tired! lol.

Saturday, December 6, 2008


I found my dang camera usb cord so i can upload all my pics to my comp!

I will have a few EOTDs and some reviews for you on monday!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Foundation Tools

Why am i ALWAYS on the hunt for a new foundation aplicator???!!!!

First off, i just always used the sponge wedges you can buy at any drugstore.
After deciding i wanted a stippling brush, i went with the Coastal Scents one. I was highly disappointed, because it DID NOT stipple on foundation like i saw so many girls who use the 187.
So i spend the 40 something bucks and buy the 187.
Sure it does the job great, but who has the time for that in the morning? Umm not me. Lol
So i go to Target and buy the Sonia Kashuk blending sponge.
Eh, its ok. Honestly, i have to use MORE foundation when i use it. Review to come!
So now, i WANT THE MAC 109 BRUSH! SO wicked bad!

But then i stop and think to myself, what the heck am i going to use the other brushes for?! Well i will find a use for them lol.

UGH what to do what to do.

Because, i want the 109 to apply liquid foundation, blush, and contouring. So i should probably get 2 of them. Right? UGH! more money to spend! Lol.

Luckily Christmas is coming up soon. So i can ask for one and if i love it, i will get another one! Haha!

Ciao Bellas!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Aussie Styling Products

Pictures taken from

Last night, while at walmart, i realized i was out of mousse and hairspray.

I decided to look into Aussie.
I got the Aussie Dual Personality Hair Spray, Hi Hold + Hi Shine, Maximum Hold .(1st picture)
It can be purchased from right now for 3.99.
I also got the Aussie Catch the Wave Mousse + Leave-In Conditioner, Flexible Hold. (2nd picture)
You can purchase it from for 3.99 right now.
I have naturally curly hair. Typically, when i wear it curly, i just use Tressemme weightless extra hold mousse, and finish it with Tressemme Fine mist hairspray.
But i wanted a change.
This morning, after towel drying my hair, i used the Aussie mousse + leave in conditioner.
Then, i lightly spray it with the Hair spray + shine spray.
I really hate when my hair gets crunchy, and my hair didnt get crunchy AT ALL! Seriously, i think my hair hasnt looked this good curly in QUITE awhile. All my curls still move and bounce, but are still "put in place". Like they arent crazy and frizzy, it still has some hold, but it moves and doesnt LOOK like i put a ton of styling product in it.
For the price, you cant beat it. Plus the bottles are so cute with their pruple packaging that i totally dont mind it sitting on my vanity with my pertty makeup!
Im definitely going to look into the volumizing stuff they offer!
Now, onto my rant! Lol.
I have been trying to log on to blogger ALL DANG DAY, but whenever i typed into my url, it would not go and load! UGHH! i was so danged aggravated! Im so happy it finally did so i could post this.
My OTHER rant!
I have been doing my full face of makeup and eyes quite often lately since ive had more time, and everytime i take the picture it washes ALL the color out and doesnt even look like i have eyeshadow on!!!!!!! SOO frustrating! I take like 50 pics of each look to get MAYBE one i can use. And even that one doesnt look great! I may post some of them anyhow, but i seriously need to figure out how to take better pics!
Ok, well for now!