Monday, March 16, 2009

Last Day For Contest Entries

Hi Ladies! Just wanted to let you know today is the last day for contest entries.

I have 6 submissions so far, so there will be a first and second prize! I hope i receive a few more entries.

I feel like i have been MIA lately. Family visiting again! I will be on tomorrow to showcase all the entries.

The winner will be chosen by me, my boyfriend, and my best friend.

Good luck ladies! See you all tomorrow!

Til next time!


Zoella. said...

Oh noo, for some reason i thought your deadline was the 31st march..damn! :O I did get the lipbalms from you not long ago though so i don't want to be too greedy haha xx

~Glossifyed said...

I'm really looking forward to the winning looks, I wish i could enter but I have so much uni work :(, if only the deadline was next week
Goodluck choosing your winners :)