Friday, March 27, 2009

LUSH Review: Rockstar Soap

When I placed my first Lush order, I KNEW I had to include this product in my package. I heard nothing but rave reviews on it.
After waiting wayy too long for shipping (LUSH PLEASE BUILD A LUSH STORE CLOSER THAN 400 MILES AWAY FROM ME) I recieved my package yesterday.
I ripped my box open and marveled over all my new goodies. Reviews to come for each product.
I couldnt wait to take a shower. I ran into the house, started the shower and hopped in with HUGE expectations.
Pricey, but not horrible. More than "Dove" type soaps, but still reasonable. $7.95 USD for 3.5 oz.
When dry: smooth. soft, like a firm stick of butter. When wet: even softer. Has a wonderful thick lather that smells amazing. I was pleasently surpised to see that it didnt melt as quickly as I thought. And the little peice I cut off will definitely last me another shower or two. I also watched a review on youtube where the girl said it was really hard to cut and she was going to have her dad do it, but I found my peice to be really soft. Not melty soft, but very simple to cut. Like butter.
Ok, I have to be honest. When I first opened the box and sniffed it through the wax paper, I was nervous. It didnt smell anything like I had expected. It is described as vanilla-berry by LUSH but I must disagree. The smell was EXTREMELY overwhelming. Almost nauseating. I was really worried to use this all over my body. BUTTTT, once cut into a smaller peice, and lathed up, it wasnt that strong at all. It was MUCH lighter. The smell as a whole bar is a bit like really super cheap strawberry shampoo. Like I said though, once cut into a smaller peice and used as soap, the smell was much lighter. It did linger in my bathroom all night which was pleasent, and stayed on my skin as well. I couldnt really smell it on my skin this morning. I feel like you will either love this smell or hate it. Im on the fence.
Overall, I do intend to use up the whole bar I purchased. It cleans like a nice soap, lathed up well, left my skin feeling clean, but not dry. I dont think I will re-purchase this soap due to the smell. It isnt horrible, but not on the top of my list. I think I will try some other soaps to find my favorite scent.
I give this product a 3 out of 5. It does work very well as a lovely soap, but the scent is not for me.
Til next time!


Neeyuh said...

Great review! So detailed! I still haven't gotten over to lush even though I'm dying to! lol With all the blogs that have talked about it lately it's surprising I haven't bought them out! lol

Zoella. said...

Fab review missy. Very detailed! Can't wait for the other reviews :) x