Friday, November 28, 2008

Lisa Hoffman Morning Update

See previous post on Lisa Hoffman Spa Facial Packette.

After last nights "facial", i was wondering how my skin would look this morning!

Well, my face is super soft and bright looking.

If i didnt already have a breakout from the past few days, my skin would look flawless!

When i was washing my face, it felt already clean almost, like it was just super soft! It was really lovely.

My skin also looked very even! Other than covering my breakouts, i probably could have gone with just a tiny amount of powder and i would have been fine!

I will definitely purchase this system again!

It still gets a 5 out of 5 from me!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Lisa Hoffman Spa Facial Review

(pictures to come, i need to find my cord from moving!!!! grr)

So, i received my spa facial packet from Lisa Hoffman about 2 weeks ago, but have had no time to use it.

My SO's mom and sis are here visiting, so i decided that me and his sis (Courtney) would try it out tonight.

There was definitely more than enough in each sample packet for the both of us, and some of the packets, i could still use a few more times.

I'm not going to go into detail about each packet, but moreso an overall review!

On with the review:
Overall, i really enjoyed this little facial. The lip products were wonderful! The face products were really nice.
It is a 10 step system, some lip stuff, face stuff, eye stuff. It gives directions step by step which made it reallly easy to use. There were 2 different masks to use, but overall, it only took about 45 minutes, with the 2 of us goofing, so it was really fun! But if you were alone, you could definitely knock it out a little quicker, and surf the net/clean/etc while the masks set.
The scent of everything was VERY light and clean smelling. Lisa Hoffman uses alot of natural oils in her products. Alot of them had jojoba oil, almond oil, and even olive oil! Well i think the olive oil was only in the lip product, but i didnt read all the ingredients for every product!

My skin feels SUPER soft, immediately. I just finished the facial about 10 minutes ago. My lips are super hydrated (which they desperately needed with this cold weather lately) and my skin feels the same, withtout feeling heavy!

I DEFFINITELY reccommend this to anyone who loves to have a facial experience, but dont feel like having to book an appointment, drive to the spa, take an hour or so to get it done, pay a TON of money, then drive back home, etc etc etc.

The price was $35 plus shipping, and i got 3 nice size samples with my purchase.
For a 10 step facial system, that is a steal!
I really really am impressed so far, and i will keep you gys updated as to how my skin looks tomorrow and the next day to see if i have any reactions!

You can purchase this product at:

So far, i give this product a 5 out of 5, but again, will keep you updated!

CIAO for now! Hope you all enjoyed your turkey day as much as me!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


.... I will post a blog tonight!

I have pictures of my haul and other things i need to get uploaded!

Things have been so crazy! Me and SO finally got the new house SOMEWHAT put together monday night, and his mom and sis are here visiting from FL until monday, so i have had NO TIME. but tonight, i will get my stuff all uploaded. And i will try and make a post tonight. i should have some free time while we are all relaxing watching TV

If i dont "talk" to any of you before tomorrow,


Monday, November 24, 2008


Hello lovelies!

I am having internet installed in my new home today! So i will be uploading pictures and emailing them to myself so i can blog tomorrow!

Check back for a few posts. I will more than likely have about 2-3 new posts!

Did you have a good weekend? What did you do?

I spent my weekend moving into my new house, cleaning, unpacking, and still have a ton to do before tomorrow when my SO's sis and mom get here!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

2 NEW Exciting Posts To Come

Review: Lisa Hoffman Spa Facial Packette. Another review can be found at . I will be using this probably tonight.
Also got 3 samples when i ordered the facial packette, so i will be reviewing them as well as possible since i only have a small amount to work with!

Haul: HUUUUGE NYX Haul! It was my first ever NYX purchase, so i am super excited about them, and how cheap EVERYTHING is!

Pictures and reviews/posts to be coming either tonight or tomorrow!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

NAILS! NailTek Xtra!

If you're like me, your nails cant grow at all because you bite them, they peel and crack, bend, and are super brittle!

I would die for long strong healthy nails. I am so sick of spending money of acrylic or gel nails, to only rip them off in a few days to show ruineddddd nails!!!

I have been trying to stop biting/picking (such a bad habit and so hard to kick). I started polishing my nails every few days so i wouldnt mess with them, in a sense, to not ruin the paint job i spent 30 minutes doing lol.

I picked up Nail Tek's Xtra nail strenghtening polish. It is a clear coat you use as a base and top coat.

The directions were to apply a base coat of Nail Tek, then 2 coats nail polish, then a top coat of the Nnail Tek. Then apply a coat of Nail Tek everyday for a week. Remove all polish, and start over!

WELLL i have been using this stuff for about 3 days now, and my nails are all ready very strong!!!!! when i press the tip, it doesnt bend at all!!!!!!!!!
Even with polish, my nails used to bend if i put pressure on the tip!!!!!

I can safely say, that after 3 days, my nails are getting stronger! I cant wait to see how this stuff works over th enext few weeeks! I will probably take a before/after pic of them, just to see the difference. But so far i give this product a 5/5!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Make Up For Ever (MUFE) HD Invisible Cover Foundation

Wow what a mouthfull!!

Ok, let me preface by saying that i had REALLY high expectations, and i REALLLY wanted to LOVE this foundation.

Off to the review:
(no pictures, it was only a sample from Sephora)

After seeing TONNNNS (and i mean tons) of reviews on this, i was dying to try it. The price was steep, so i decided on getting a sample. They usually give at LEAST 3 days of a sample, which would be ample time to decide if i like it.

I tried it the day after i got it. Sunday. I was running out the door to my friend Steve's house to go veg on his couch. I didnt want to leave with NO makeup on, and decided to throw this on, using my fingers, and no primer.

The Foundation when on VERY smoothly, and it was MUCH more liquidy then my MAC Studio Fix Fluid. It was a little sheer, but i didnt use much at all. The makeup didnt stay fresh all day, but it was definitely still on after 5 hours.

Monday, i tried it again. Again, using my fingers. I tried to stipple a little on my cheek with my 187, but wasnt impressed.

I didnt wear it tuesday or wednesday. Actually i didnt put any makeup on until i got to work.

Forward to today:
I typically use my sponge to apply my foundation. At least lately, its just so much quicker for me in the morning. So i figured i should do it this way with this makeup as well.
As always, i spritz my spronge with Fix+ to dampen it. (you dont want the sponge to absorb your foundation. duhhh !) i poured about 2 pea size amounts onto the sponge and dotted it on my cheeks, forehead, chin, and a little on my nose.
I blended the makeup and decided i needed another layer. All my scars and blemishes showed liek i had no makeup on, but it DID even out the color on my cheeks and forehead. (just to add, my scars are not "craters" they are just little scar color from picking at my face in the past, it isnt that hard to cover them, and i hate concealor)
After putting on the second layer, it still didnt cover. And i concentrated it almost all on my chin and jaw line where i have the problems.

PROS: Super lightweight and breathable, couldnt tell i had makeup on. Color match was great. They had a ton of colors to choose from. Im italian and irish, at my palest, and was matched to 118. Up close in the sunlight, it looked just like my skin, not like i was "made up".

CONS: Too sheer of coverage for me. I like the "made up" look, and i prefer my MAC SFF over this big time due to more coverage and not having to layer and layer and layer. The price.

You will like this if:
you like light-medium coverage, have a hard time finding a good color match, and dont mind splurging on this foundation.

Honestly, if the coverage was better, or my skin more clear, i WOULD purchase this. The only major thing that turned me off was how sheer the coverage was, using a sponge and my fingers.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ive been a bad blogger!

So, i have been a bad blogger! Plus, not having my own home makes me feel out of my funk. I cannot wait to close on our home! 10 days!

I have a review to do for MUFE's HD foundation, but i want to use it a day or so more before i make a decision on it.

Other than a few reviews, i havent been wearing much makeup. at least not anything fun and post worthy. just the typical day face:

Smashbox Photofinish Primer Light
Studio Fix Fluid
Studio Fix Powder
Blush of choice.
Covergirl Lash Blast Mascara

Yes boring. i know!

Im super duper tired today! i have no clue why! Well, only 35 minutes left of work, then im off to the grocery store, then home. to my bed. where i shall stay for the evening! =]]

Ciao Bellas!