Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Contest Prize Question

Morning ladies!

I have a quick question.

I am keeping all of the prizes for the winner a secret right now like i said before. But they will be beauty/makeup related prizes.

BUUTTTTT i have a question.

I have the "new" Studio Sculpt foundation in NC25. Now i know some people LOVE this foundation, but it DOES NOT work well with my skin. It didnt break me out, but i just love my SFF much more. So should i include it in my prize package? There is about 98% left. And its just sitting in my traincase.

Should i include it?


Superficialgirl said...

Ohhh yes include! :) i am working on my contest entry! xx

Posey said...

awesome! im so excited! i hope to see a few more entries because i would love to do a 1st and 2nd place prize.

I wasnt sure because of the shade, but i will include it, or ask the winner if they want it!

Cris said...

Include :D! Though it's probably too dark for me - but I might not win :-P. Lol.
I've finally found a look I want to do for yours...Thank God I have such a huge make-up looks folder XD :). I should post up my entry this week ;), I hope anyway, 'cause I'm a terrible procrastinator >:-)...But I really want to do this. Thanks again for having a contest ^_^.

Posey said...

Cris: Im really excited you are entering! Shoot, im so excited anyone is! And the SC can be sheered out so you may be surprised!

Looking forward to your entry!!!

Makeup Mama said...

Hey Posey, I say include it. If it's too light, they can use it as a highlight. If it's to dark, then as a contour colour!

Posey said...

steph: I didnt even think of that! lol! very true! i will be including it!

Makeup Mama said...

I hope I have the time to enter your contest, it sounds like fun!

Posey said...

Steph: i hope you do too! I need more entries! I hope they come in soon!

*Nehs* said...

yes, include it posey! :)