Friday, March 6, 2009

Contest Details/Examples

Sorry if i wasnt clear enough ladies!

And im sorry that it has taken me so long ot answer. Im sitting in my hotel room, on my brothers comp.!! Even my cell phone died!

what i am looking for is something that you would see on a runway, in a editorial/high fashion magazine. Not your everyday type makeup.

Here are some examples.

Editorial makeup

Sorry ladies, but thats all i can give you!!! I have to hurry and get off this comp since my mom needs it to work. Lol. Damn traveling!

Be home on sunday, and i cant wait! Cant wait to see some entries!


Zoella. said...

I got my package! YAY, thankyou so much. So nice of you to write me a little note and send me a pigment sample! I REALLY wanted to try melon! :) I feel like i need to send you something in return!!
Thankyou again. I'm entering your contest this weekend. :D

Cris said...

Hmmm...That's challenging. But I like a challenge :-P.
Give me time, I'll do my best ;).