Thursday, February 26, 2009


Winner was chosen at random by
Yes i know its super hard to read that, haha, but the top number is 7!
Congrats Zoella on winning my first giveaway!
Be on the lookout for a contest! As soon as i hit 20 followers, ill start brewing up ideas!
Keep an eye out for an email from me Zoella!
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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Organix Teetree Mint Shampoo and Conditioner


Ok, ok, ok, its NOT perfect in everyway, but its pretty darn close!

Minty, tee tree oil rolled into one! Really refreshing and wakes you up!

The shampoo is exactly like that squeeze jelly! That is the only way to describe it. Its not heavy but very jelly-like. Lathers really well!
The conditioner is slightly watery, but i like it!

AMAZING! It is $6.99 for the shampoo, and $6.99 for the conditioner at Walgreens, but i bought them at Walmart. Reguardless, wonderful price.

Tee Tree is wonderful for dry/irritated/itchy scalps! And the smell really gets the blood flowing! This really makes my hair SHINE! Which is unusual for my hair!
It does not weigh my hair down one bit, which is awesome for my curls or to keep my ironed hair from getting flat.
the biggest thing i dont like is that the conditioner has some alcohol in it. and i dont like that very much. BUT it makes a great conditioner to do when i dont shampoo. I try to only shampoo if i used mousse or what not in my curly hair and only try to wahs everyother shower. So the conditioner comes in great then! I can conditioner my hair without shampooing, but still feel like it is super clean due to the alcohol in it!

DONT FORGET!!!! to enter my giveaway. Its super easy to win, see how to enter. Click here to do so! Only about 2.5 hours left!

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Have you entered my Giveaway?

Only 9.5 hours left in my Giveaway! (right? im so horrible with math lol)

For details on the giveaway, click here! No, click right HERE!

Winner will be announced tomorrow!

Im also throwing in a little tiny somethign extra for the winner!

And again, once i hit 20 followers, im going to start thinking of contest ideas!!!!! With a much bigger prize!

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Sunday, February 22, 2009


Ok, so since i teased a bit about a giveaway, i decided to have one!
Since this is my first giveaway, it is going to be small, but hey its just a giveaway, not a contest.
So you have to do minimal work for free stuff! HELLO? great deal. =]

The prize at stake here are 2 lip balms.
1. Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm. I have this is tin form and love it! But i dont need 2!
2. Kiss My Face Sheer Organic Shimmer. I have this is Topaz and love it! Its minty but not tingly! Feels super light but extra moisturizing with a hint of color.

These both are unopened, and unused.

HOW? you ask?

1. You MUST be a follower of this blog. IF you are not, its super easy to become one, just add me as a blog you want to follow on your blogspot dashboard.
2. Leave me a comment with your email address so i can contact you if you win.
3. In that comment, tell me what your favorite lip product is!
4. ALL ENTRIES MUST BE IN BY WEDNESDAY, THE 25TH AT 11:59PM. I will announce the winner on Thursday the 26th.
5. The winner be will chosen random.


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Friday, February 20, 2009

Updated Reviw: Studio Sculpt

I know in my initial review i said that SC was neck and neck with my SFF.

BOLOGNA! Thats what i say to that.
"I would like to retract my statement, please"

I dont care for this foundation AT ALL. Im not sure what the heck im going to do with it!

First off, it never blends into my skin. IT just sits on top. From about 3-4 feet away, sure looks fine, but any closer and EEEEEK not good. You can just see it sitting on top.

Application methods i have tried:
187 brush. I have to buff for a solid 10 or so minutes before it looks just ok. Yeah, no thanks for that.
181 brush. Hmm much quicker, looked great from afar. Up close, yuckkk! Uneven, just sits on skin.
Sonia Kashuk Blending Sponge. My favrotie of the 3 but still not great. The sponge sheers out the coverage JUST slightly so im ok with it, but i still dont love the way it looked.

No matter the method i try, it just sits on my skin. And on top of that DOES NOT LAST. Seriously, with or without primer, this baby just slides right off my skin! GRRR.
Plus, it looks HORRRRRRRRIBLE on top of blemishes and just magnafies the fact that my skin isnt baby butt smooth.

NOW, NOW, NOW, i am going to hold on to this. I THINKKKK if my skin was cleared up (like my chin/jaw area) it would look good. And if i can get my skin to be more even with exfoliating, it may be nice.

You will like this foundation if:
You have clear super baby smooth skin, and in that case you dont even need foundation!

Til next time.


Im thinking of doing a giveaway. Not a contest just yet, but a simple giveaway.

I have some makeup-related things at home to give away.

Hmm, this is still in thought process, but be on the lookout for one!

I also want to hold a contest, but not until i have more followers? Maybe when i hit 20?

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I was tagged by Makeup Mama ( So here it goes:

What’s your favourite eye shadow color to wear? Greeeeeeen! Its also my favorite color.

What’s the one product you wouldn’t leave your house without? Well i dont so much bring alot of makeup with me ( i used to) but one product i wont leave my house without wearing, Studio Fix Fluid!

What’s your favourite makeup look – high drama OR natural? I wouldnt say "high drama" but not natural. I like to do smokey eyes when going out, so since i dont get to do them often i will say more "made up" looks.

Which feature do you play up the most? Hmm, i will have to say my skin. Meaning contouring and highlighting and my cheeks. I do my eyes but not everyday, since im always in a rush, but i ALWAYS do face makeup, and my favorite thing to do is glowy skin/cheeks.

Which feature do you try to downplay/cover up? Hmm, not really a feature, but the blemishes on my chin/jawline. no matter what i do, i always have bad skin there.

Your favourite makeup brand, if you could pick only ONE to exist? Seriously, do i even need to answer this Lol. MAAAAAAAC!!!!!!

Which product have you re-purchased OVER and OVER again? MAC Studio Fix Fluid

Which product would you NEVER repurchase again and why? MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation. Updated review coming. I just dont like the way it looks lol.

One beauty treatment you would always PAY to have done? Hmm, im going with Steph on this and sayin my hair. I still dye it on my own, but i would NEVER EVER cut it myself. (well except my bangs which im growing out as usual lol)

One beauty treatment you would NEVER pay to have done? Hmm i cant say NEVER, but my nails. I still get them done (acrylic or gels) ocassionally, but i can do my own acrylics, so yeah.

One beauty trick you can share with everyone? Hmm, i have so many little ones that most people know, but. When dying your hair yourself, always put a thin layer of vaseline around your hair line and on your whole neck (sides and back). this way when you apply the dye and get some on your skin, none of it dyes your skin and it wipes off easily.

Best advice you've ever been given regarding beauty and makeup? oh wow, there are SO many. Hmm im gonna have to say, maoisturizing at night and in the morning. I never really realized how important it was. My skin is very thankful! Lol

Ok, i seriously realized that i said "Hmmm" in almost every reply. Sheesh!

Who should i tag?

and anyone else who wants to do it! I dont have time to keep copying all my girls links ! lol. boss will be here any second!

til next time!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Coastal Scents Palettes!

I absolutely adore all of the Coastal Scents palettes. They have made my life SO much easier, and i i havent spend thouasand of dollars trying to fill palettes. Here are the palettes i have, and my opinion on them!! Hope this helps some of you!

10 Piece Professional Blush Palette $16.95
I absolutely LOVE this palette. I rarely reach for my other blushes (Sephora, MAC, etc)
The top row all have some shimmer in them, while the bottom are mostly matte except for the 2nd in from the left. They all have a wonderful pigmentation, and are even great layered together. My only issue is that these are not super easily blendable. Some are easier than others. But some do require a bit more blending, which really isnt a huge issue, but may be for some beginners.

Contour & Blush Palette $19.95
This palette is just OKAY to me. I like the contour shade, although it is a bit dark for me. But i am able to sheer it out by picking up only a tiny amount. The highlight colors are all wonderful and light. They dont make your face look WHITE, YELLOW, OR PEACH, they just give a nice highlight in that tone. The blushes in this palette (top and bottom both far right) are really pretty, but i reall wish this palette was 3 highlights, 3 contour shades, like light-medium-dark contour. I still use this palette, but mostly just the contour, and ocassional highlighting (which i dont do super often)

Ultra Shimmer 88 Eye Shadow Palette $24.95.
This was my first purchase and palette from CS. I know alot of people have the matte/satin one, but i love the shimmer one. There are some satin shades and some are more pearl finish, some shimmer, and some super shimmer. But they arent glittery, so im very happy with this as opposed to the original matte/satin one. I use this palette all the time! I have the original shiney case but it now comes in a matte case which is MUCH nicer (which = no fingerprints!! )This palette has a small mirror and 2 dual end sponge tipped applicators included.

26 Shadow Blush Combo Palette $21.95.
I purchased this palette after seeing a review and tutorial by makeupbytiffanyd on youtube and loved the colors. It seems though that not many people have this palette.
The blushes can easily be used as eyeshadows and vice versa. This palette contains matte/satin/pearl/shimmer finishes. I love the colors in this palette: pinks, corals, plums, browns, and golds. LOVE this palette. I need to start using it more!

28 Piece Eye Shadow Neutral Palette $21.95
I just received this palette yesterday so i have not done a look with it, but i have swatched a few colors. Overall, i like this palette, but i wish the colors were more NEUTRAL/NUDE. Yes, most of them are, but i feel some of them have a lot of pinkish tones, and well as some taupe-y colors. I really wanted this palettes for complete nudes/neautrals. Like different shades of white/tan/khaki/brown etc. Online it looks more nude, but in real life, some of the colors have pink-coral-purple undertones. Overall, this seems like a really nice palette and im excited to use it!
I am very happy with all of my purchases through Coastal Scents. I think that their palettes are of wonderful quality for a super great price. I know many of these palettes are on Ebay for sale, but i dont like buying anything of Ebay and prefer to use a reputable seller/business like Coastal Scents.
All of these products, as well as many others can buy found and purchased at
Happy Shopping!
Til next time!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Better Late Than Never!!

I feel HORRIBLE! Stephanie was so awesome with the prize pack i won from her contest!
Its been too long for this post.
This picture is missing some stuff but this is the stuff i have used most.
the makeup bag is HUGE! I love it. I used it to hold my empties for B2Ming.

The little pot to the left is the Inglot Lip Paint. I wasnt sure if i liked the color at first, but now i LOVE IT, and i love the texture. SO smooth and silky and not sticky.

It goes well with the MAC creme liner in summerfruit which is next to it.

Then the MAC holiday eyes palette. This is my first MAC holiday palette and i LOVE the colors in this baby.

Next is the Revlong Beyond Natural Smoothing Primer. I actually really like this stuff minus the strong perfume-y smell.

Next to that are the two minerals from Everyday Minerals. A blush and a concealor. I LOVE them. The blush is sooooo pigmented i only need a little tiny bit!!!!!

Liek i said this is not everything, i had some lashes, a bronzer, couple other things, but this is the stuff i have USED and use fairly often!!

Thank you again SO MUCH Stephanie. The contest was SO much fun and i hope to hold one as soon as i get enough followers!

I have a HUGE Coastal Scents post for tomorrow!!!!

Watch for it!

Til next time!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Review: BioInfusion Hydrating Conditioning Balm

(Image courtesy of
My hair need serious moisture! Between blowdrying, straightening, dandruff shampoo, and naturally curly hair, my hair REQUIRES serious hydration.

Thats where this baby comes in! I LOVE BioInfusion products. They are salon quality hair products at drugstore prices. this retails fro $14.99 at I picked it up on sale for $9.99.

HUGE TUB! I like tubs for thick hair products. I like being able to see in the tub and see how much is left.

Like a super duper thick conditioner

Like a salon conditioner. I LOVEEEE the smell of salon products. This isnt fruity, perfume-y, citrus-y, it just smells like a fresh, clean, salon product. you know that smell im talking about.
I conditioned with this last night, and even after using my CHI silk infusion, blowdrying, and flat ironing, i can still smell it! MMM.

This conditioner is LOVE at first rinse. I have used this on and off for a year or so. After shampooing, i use about the amount of half an egg. I scoop it out, concentrate it on the ends and hair shaft, then whatever is left on my scalp. I massage it on and leave it for a few minutes while i shave/etc, then rinse it out. It does not weigh my hairdown like many heavy hair balms can.
It leave my hair SUPER soft, shiney, and MOISTURIZED! The price is wonderful at $14.99 and even better when its on sale.

I love all of the BioInfusion hair products (IE: shampoos and conditioners) and i like that this lines shampoos and conditioners come in huge bottles with pumps! Makes my life so much easier!

I give this a product a 5 out of 5. It really is an awesome product and gets the job done!

Til next time!

Monday, February 9, 2009

MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation Review

No pictures, not much to see lol since it matches my skin.

Anywho, I had ran out of my beloved Studio Fix Fluid, but had not placed an order for the foundation because i didnt want to pay shipping for one item. I realized Studio Sculpt had come out, so I ordered my normal SFF and the SC (studio sculpt).

I figured, if I didnt love SC, i could return it and still have my HG SFF. or vise versa.

was spot on. i ordered it in NC25 like i do with SFF. matched better than my SFF.

Very thick. definitely gel like. But once applied, it was SUPER light. I definitely could not feel anything on my face.

Definitely medium-full which is love! I was afraid it would be only like medium coverage and i would have to build it up. Which i hate and feel is wasting product. but it was very medium-full coverage. Even though the coverage was high, the feelign was very light, almost like i had nothing on which was lovely. Also, even though this is medium-full coverage, it can be sheered out easily by using less or mixing it with some moisturizer.

For me, it gave a matte finish that was natural, slightly dewy. Like a soft matte finish. I have dry cheeks with normal-oily t-zone, and after 3 hours i was SLIGHTLY shiney, but i didnt put a powder on top. I wanted to see how it performed on its own.

I reallly like this foundation. Its neck and neck with my SFF. I cant say i like it more, but i will not be returning it. I really love the squeeze tube packaging which isnt cheapy feeling at all.

You will like this if:
You dont have super oily skin, or dont mind using a blot/finishing powder. Dont like the heavier feel of SFF. Prefer more coverage. Hate the packaging of other MAC foundation.

I give this product a 4 out of 5 because it does what i expected but didnt WOW me more than my SFF.

Til next time.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Cherry Culture Haul and Bad Blogger

Yes I know, I've been a bad blogger. *slap on the wrists* I really havent had a ton to blog about though. I still have to get my review on the loot I won from Steph's contest ( but I really want to use the stuff enough before I chat about them. And to be honest, i have been going to work BARE FACED for awhile now. I have been oversleeping like whoa, so I havent had much to blog about.

BUTTT, I hauled on Cherry Culture the other day. It was 20% off, so i couldnt resist. I figured if I'm going to stop spending money on pricey makeup (that is until the Grand Duos collection comes out *evil laugh*) then I can at least haul some cheap stuff, and it was 20% off to boot. I'm rather proud of myself.

I should be getting my package tomorrow (im hoping, stupid USPS updates blow) so I will definitely make a post about that.

Until then, this is what I bought:
  • NYX eyeshadow trio in Highlight/Brown/Suede
  • NYX eyeshadow trio in Ultra Chic
  • NYX eyeshadow trio in Hippie Chic
  • NYX Retractable Eyebrow Pencil in medium brown.
  • Sinful Colors Nail Enamel #18 Ladies in Wait
  • Sinful Colors Nail Enamel #795 Folly
  • Sinful Colors Nail Enamel #108 Timbleberry.

I really like the bottle shape on Sinful Colors, so thats mostly why i buy them, plus they are like 2 bucks. plusss 20% off haha. I wanted like 10 more, but they were sold out.

And is it just me or is cherry culture's site slow as hell or what? it took me like 30 minutes to place that order.

Well til next time....!