Tuesday, March 31, 2009

LUSH Review: Sandstone And Bamboo Soaps

When I received my LUSH order, they were nice enough to throw in two soap samples. Hope my reviews are helpful! (images courtesy of www.lushusa.com)

Sandstone Soap:
My sample looked nothing like this. Obvisouly is it a tiny sliver, and not the whole block, but my soap only had a few little sand grains. Nothing over the top like this looks. So it does have some exfoliation, but my little sample didnt, so I cant comment much on theat part of the soap.

The scent is SUPER SWEET LEMON! Not like a tart, citrus-y lemon, but really sweet. The most perfect way to describe the smell is it reminds me of those super cheap lollipops you get at the bank when you are a little kid. The lemon flavor. Lol. And if you were never lucky enough to
It lathers up very nicely, like a soap should, and rinsed off very clean. The scent lingered for a little bit and was lovely. If you like anything lemon scented, you will definitely love this soap.

Bamboo Soap:
This soap has no exfoliation to it. Just an everyday soap. I really loved the scent of this soap. Although it isnt described as so on the site, it smells lik eucalyptus to me. Which is a scent I love. Most of the LUSH products I have, the scents are SUPER strong and over powering, but not with this soap. And I like that. Again, this is just a basic soap. Lathers nicely, rinses off clean and leaves a VERY faint scent on the skin. The smell of this is very relaxing, but its not a soap I would use daily. More so when I want a relaxing bath.

More LUSH reviews coming in the next few days! keep and eye out for them!

Til next time!

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