Wednesday, March 11, 2009

First Lush Haul =]

Ive taken the plunge ladies!

I am constantly browsing Lush's site, oogling over all the goodies! But not being able to see them in person (and smell them) has made me not order them due to the price.

Right now, Lush has a super offer where you get a ton of stuff for only 20 dollars. Lush's night in for two.

I also ordered a sample of the Therapy Massage bar and full size Rockstar soap!

Im so excited for my order to come in and i will post a detailed review on everything i bought.

My order included:

  • Therapy Massage Bar Sample
  • Rockstar Soap (full size)
  • The night in for two package that includes:
  • 2 Muslin flannels
  • 2 Ultrabland Cleansers
  • 1 face mask
  • 2 toner tabs
  • 2 face moisturizers

I chose Angels on bare skin, tee tree toners, and imperils moisturizer.

Im so excited and can't wait to receive my order in the mail. The only issue i have with Lush is the OUTRAGEOUS shipping price and time!

Also, HAVE YOU ENTERED MY CONTEST? To do so, click here for details!


Zoella. said...

Yay, I'm glad your finally getting some lush goodies. I think i might do a review on what i like and dont like with all my lush stuff. and I PROMISE i will get my entry to you soon. Has been a horrid horrid few days at work. :( x

Posey said...

Zoe: I was so excited as well when i saw that deal! I wish shipping didnt take as long though =[ !!
I cant wait to see your entry, and a review would be awesome on your lush goodies!

PBW said...

Great haul! Looking forward to your reviews.