Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Contest Entries

I just wanted to thank all of the ladies who did enter. I re-counted and there are only 5 entries, so there will only be a FIRST place prize.

But if all the ladies who entered can email me there addresses, i have a little something for everyone who entered!

I just wanted to thank you all who did enter my first contest.

Like i said before, I will announce a winner tomorrow after me, my boyfriend, and my best friend decide a winner!

Without further ado, here are the entries:





I wish you all the best of luck! The winner will be announced tomorrow!
Til next time!


Superficialgirl said...

Oh no i missed the deadline :( :( so upset with myself! Good luck girls. you all look fab!

Cris said...

Good luck to everyone :D...
Now I really feel that mine's not exciting enough :(, but oh well, I still enjoyed doing this contest :).

Lisa Fashionista said...

wow they all look great!
really creative ladies.

Lisa Fashionista said...

they're all so good, you really should do a second prize too!

Posey said...

Lisa: I was going to do a second prize if i had 6 or more. I only had 5 =[. Like i said, if everyone can email me their addresses who entered, i have a little something for them as well.

good luck everyone! i was very impressed with everyones entry!

Krystallia said...

Wow..all of them are amazing..how talented must they be..

Makeup Mama said...

Aw, everyone had great contest entries...I really wanted to join in but didn`t have the time. Boo for me. Maybe next time...