Monday, December 15, 2008

My Skin Care Routine

Hey ladies! I was going to just review some of my face products, but instead decided to tell you my routine and why i love and use each product!
Day time:

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Clean and Clear Morning Burst Shine Control Cleanser.
I love this cleanser. It is a liquidy-gel like consistency. It has a great smell. The little beads in it are NOT scrub, they "burst" to wake you up, or so they claim. I think they are just scented.
I love this cleanser because it is cheap ($6.49 at and works. It helps keep shine at bay ALOT. I am not overly oily. I get a little shine, but sometimes i feel oily. This really helps keep my skin matte, without drying my skin. I wet my face with warm (NOT HOT) water, pump one pump into my hand, rub my finger together, and apply in soft, circular motions all over my face. I rinse with warm water, then pat dry. My skin always feels clean and refreshed. I use this in the morning.

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After cleansing, while my face is still damp, i apply my Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion. This is not specifically for use on only the face. It can be used anywhere on the body. I love this lotion because of the fact that is is for sensitive skin, unscented, and made for all skin types. It has not broken me out at all. During the summer months, i use this at night, but during the winter, i use it during the day. It is not heavy at all and really has helped my patchy cheeks during the winter months. It can be purchased at most grocery and drugstores or from for $9.99. This bottle is HUGE and will lasts months.

Night Time:

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At night, after removing my eye makeup, i use Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser. Again, this is not specifically made for just the face, it can be used any where on the body. It does NOT lather, and it almost feels like it leaves a film on the face. I really like it because at night i like to have extra moisture, and this really does the job. It does not remove my eye makeup, so i have to do it first. Cetaphil DOES make a cleanser for just the face, but i like this one because i can use it on my body if my skin has a dry area or somewhere that needs soothing. This can be purchased from for $9.99, or most grocery/drugstores.

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After cleansing at night, i use Eucerin Original Moisturizing Lotion. I LOVE this moisturizer. I use it on my WHOLE body and it has helped my scaley skin SO much. The skin on my face was very dry for a few weeks due to the weather change. I started using this at night and BAM nice moisturized skin! The skin on my legs have been very dry and scaley as well, and this has taken care of it. I use this on my body day and night, but only on my face at night as it is heavier. You should use a heavier cream at night. Your skin can get dried out at night because your body is working hard repairing itself. So you need the extra moisture.
This can be purchased at many drugstores and at for $11.99. This bottle is huge and will last for months.
Well that is my skincare routine. I TRULY believe great skin care can come from the "drugstore". Face products get used SO quickly since we use them everyday, and for me, its not feesible for me to spend bookoo bucks on products that will run out quickly. I love my drugstore products and they work GREAT of me.


Fashion's Darling said...

I hear awesome things about Cetaphil. I'm about to go get it myself!!

Audrey said...

I like your chocie!! You really fantastic skincare products!! Thanks for sharing!!

Posey said...

thanks Audrey, they are cheap but they work for me!