Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Aussie Styling Products

Pictures taken from www.drugstore.com

Last night, while at walmart, i realized i was out of mousse and hairspray.

I decided to look into Aussie.
I got the Aussie Dual Personality Hair Spray, Hi Hold + Hi Shine, Maximum Hold .(1st picture)
It can be purchased from www.drugstore.com right now for 3.99.
I also got the Aussie Catch the Wave Mousse + Leave-In Conditioner, Flexible Hold. (2nd picture)
You can purchase it from http://www.drugstore.com/ for 3.99 right now.
I have naturally curly hair. Typically, when i wear it curly, i just use Tressemme weightless extra hold mousse, and finish it with Tressemme Fine mist hairspray.
But i wanted a change.
This morning, after towel drying my hair, i used the Aussie mousse + leave in conditioner.
Then, i lightly spray it with the Hair spray + shine spray.
I really hate when my hair gets crunchy, and my hair didnt get crunchy AT ALL! Seriously, i think my hair hasnt looked this good curly in QUITE awhile. All my curls still move and bounce, but are still "put in place". Like they arent crazy and frizzy, it still has some hold, but it moves and doesnt LOOK like i put a ton of styling product in it.
For the price, you cant beat it. Plus the bottles are so cute with their pruple packaging that i totally dont mind it sitting on my vanity with my pertty makeup!
Im definitely going to look into the volumizing stuff they offer!
Now, onto my rant! Lol.
I have been trying to log on to blogger ALL DANG DAY, but whenever i typed www.blogger.com into my url, it would not go and load! UGHH! i was so danged aggravated! Im so happy it finally did so i could post this.
My OTHER rant!
I have been doing my full face of makeup and eyes quite often lately since ive had more time, and everytime i take the picture it washes ALL the color out and doesnt even look like i have eyeshadow on!!!!!!! SOO frustrating! I take like 50 pics of each look to get MAYBE one i can use. And even that one doesnt look great! I may post some of them anyhow, but i seriously need to figure out how to take better pics!
Ok, well for now!

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