Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Cuticle Cream Update

So, i have been using this stuff pretty regularly since i made my first review post.....


Seriously, my cuticles still are in horrible condition.

you know when you put lotion on your hands, the skin on your hands is INSTANTLY SOFTER?!?! YES!

So you would think that putting cuticle cream on your cuticles would make your cuticles INSTANTLY SOFT, right? Ok well it doesnt! UGHH

Like ok, right now, my right thumb nail cuticle is like reallly messed up, like i wish i had some clippers to get rid of this hard piece of skin(gross yes) so i whip out my cuticle cream, rub it on, STILL HARD.

It is just liek oily greasy-ness sitting on top of my horrible cuticles.

Needless to say, i told my boyfriend to stock my stuffing with the burt's bees cuticle treatment, so once i try it out, i will let you ladies know how it works!

Until next time!

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