Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Japanese Thermal Reconditioning

Hey everyone.
Today i have decided to book a consultation to get my hair straightened. I am going to get the Japanese Thermal Reconditioning, well as long as my hair will take it well lol.

I have naturally curly hair. Its not frissy or kinky, just curly. And i DONT LIKE IT AT ALL. I would love ot be able to scrunch it and such, but i dont liek my natural curls.

They are beautiful and bouncy, but they never fall right, especially around my face, and i hate having to always do a stupid pomp in the front. Plus, i feel more polished and put together when my hair is straight.

So i am going to slap down the money and 6 HOURS OF MY LIFE to get this done.

Its $100/hr and typically takes 6 hours to do depending on hair lenght, thickness etc.

I will definitely keep you updated on how it goes. Im thinking i will get it done in January. The salon that does it is about an hour away! LONG DAY! lol.

Any of you ever get this done or know someone who has? Please leave me a comment, let me know how it went for them or you!

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