Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hand Care

Pictures from www.drugstore.com

As many of you know, the first signs on aging show in and around your eyes and hands. I have never really liked my hands, they are always dry. And i was a nail biter so my nails were always short.

Thankfully, i have kicked the biting habit (for now lol) and my nails are over 5/8 of an inch, from cuticle to tip (last measuremeant about a week ago)

My cuticles are constantly cracking and dry, and i scratch at the cuticles on my thumbs.

If you remember, i tried the True Blue Spa cuticle treatment from Bath and Body Works and hated it.

I finally bought the Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme, and i am in love!

I wash my hands frequently, which assists in the dryness. Now, everytime i wash my hands, i moisturize.

First, i apply the cuticle creme, then the Nivea Soft moisturizing creme. Both equally amazing.

I have noticed a difference in the appearance of my cuticles, and my hands are soft, almost glowy like when you first apply lotion to legs.

Its only been a few days of use, but im loving the cuticle creme. It is again, the texture of a lip balm, maybe a bit harder, and the tin will last so long! i keep it in my purse so no matter when i need it, i have it.

You will like these if:
  • You have splitting, dry, or cracking cuticles
  • You would like to promote healthy nail growth
  • You want super soft hands

These ARE drugstore items, and both can be purchased from www.drugstore.com

Happy shopping!


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