Wednesday, December 31, 2008

MAC Zoom Lash Review

No picture, but i will try and get them this week. I will post a before and after.

I got a mini Zoom Lash Mascara with the holiday set i ordered.

I have been using this everyday since Monday, and this is how i feel about it.

Its a good everyday Mascara that adds alot of length in my opinion. It is a very true black, which i love. It goes on easily, and im surprised at how much i love the tinier brush that is skinny on the end, and gets a little thicker as you go more towards the wand handle. Typically, i like fat brushes/wands. The smell is a bit overwhelming.

  • Love the brush, it gets to every little tiny lash on top and bottom.
  • Really lengthens the lashes
  • Doesn't flake
  • Very black


  • Doesnt make the lashes very full. While it does add length, it doesnt add much volume and fullness
  • The smell. It has the strong Mascara smell. Im not sure if all MAC masraca's do, but this one certainly does. Like right now, its 10:00am my time, i put my mascara on at 8:15am, and i can STILL smell it. Most mascara smells will fade, but not with this one. I specifically remember yesterday when i could smell it around 3pm. Its not horribly strong, but it does linger. So if you are sensitive to smells, i really dont recommend this.

You will like this if:

You already have full lashes and want more length

Want a nice everday mascara that isnt too much for office wear, that wont give you spider lashes.

Thats all ladies. Not sure if i will be posting until the new year, but i will have my HUGE haul post hopefully pictured up this weekend so i can post it!

Til next time!


Makeup Mama said...

Good luck on the contest, Posey!!

Genn said...

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Anonymous said...

i love the zoom lash. ur right no volume. i have to use another mascara w/it