Thursday, October 16, 2008

Upcoming Posts!!!! =]]

Hey everyone!

Like i stated in my last post, im still in a dizzy from moving. I found my digi, but not the cord!!! So i can take all the pictures i want, but it does no good if i cant get them on my puter!!!!!!! >[

I mean, whats the fun in a review, if you cant see a picture of the product im reviewing!!!!!!GRR

So, i just wanted to make a post to tell you all what is up and coming in the next few days!

Dove SkinVitalizer (massaging skin cleanser with cleanse pads)
Clean and Clear "Steam" in shower facial
Loreal Eye makeup remover
187 and coastal scents stippling comparison

Eye looks:
Urban Decay (UD) pink and red
Coastal Scents (CS) greens
MAC everyday neautral look
MAC bronzey look

I know there are more products i have to review, but im at work and cant remember them right this second, as well as looks i throw together!


CIAO Bellas!


Sofie (Zoffe) Sørensen said...

I'm looking forward to the 187 vs. costal scents stippling brush review! :)
I love the 187 but for the prize I really can't have more than one ;)

Posey said...

keep a lookout, i will be doing thast review some times today. either this morning, or mid afternoon.