Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Another Brush Review: Sephora Brush Set and Sephora Rounded Crease Brush

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Brushes Top to Bottom:
Sephora Profesionnel Rounded Crease Brush #13 (not with set)
Rest of brushes from Set:

This was my first REAL brush set. I bought all of the brushes except the top crease brush as a set for Sephora. It was their Safari or something or other set lol. i bought the crease brush seperately.


Sephora Professionnel Rounded Crease Brush #13 (wow what a mouth full) is a really nice brush. I dont own MAC's 224, but from what ive seen, i would compare this brush to the 224. This brush is veryy soft. I does a great job blending colors together and softening edges, but it is WAY to big and soft to apply shadow in the crease. Even if i had a bigger eye area, it is too soft and just sort of smishes when i try to use it solely for my crease. I think it IS a great brush to get, for blending, but not for the crease, for me personally.

Review: Brush Set:

Powder brush: This brush is SO soft, not super dense, but i LOVE this brush for cheek color. I could run this brush over my face ALL day it is SO soft. I really cant say anything bad about this brush EXCEPT that the hairs will no go back to the normal off white color when i bought it. I have NO issues with my other white brushes except this one. I know its clean though, so im OK with it.

Eyeshadow brush: This brush again is super soft and VERY dense. MUCH larger than MAC's 239 and much bigger and dense. I dont like this brush to pack color on the lid, but it is a great brush for the crease surprisingly. And it is big enough to do my highlight color. I use this everyday for that! And to blend the highlight and crease color together.

Brow Brush: This brush is OKAY and just that. Its super stiff which i like, but it shed's EVERYTIME i wash it. I still use this everyday for my brows, but i will be on the hunt soon for a new brush.

Smudge Brush: i really love this brush. It isnt a sponge smudger, it is hairs. This brush does a great job at smudging harsh eyeliner lines, and i really love it.

Lip Brush: i dont use this brush very often because i put my lipstick on, on the go. But it is a good lip brush, and works. Again, it is a pain to clean.

Well that was super duper long!

All in all, i think sephora's brushes are great quality and worth checking out.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this post is based solely on my personal experience. So please buy/use the items reviewed at your own discretion. Thank you.

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