Thursday, October 23, 2008

E.L.F. Face Brushes

If you are really on a budget (like me) than you love a good bang for your buck (LITERALLY!). E.L.F. (Eyes Lips Face) brushes are decent quality for a GREAT price.


Yes you read that right. I cant review the quality of the eye brushes, or how well of a job they do, because i have only used the 3 face brushes above.

The brushes from top to bottom are:
Foundation brush
Bronzing brush
Total Face brush

I dont use the foundation brush very often. NOT because it doesnt do the job, but because i use my 187, or a sponge. But for those of you that like to use foundation brushes, it really does do a good job.

The bronzing brush is not actually angled anymore, and it is now called the blushing, bronzing, something er other brush.

The total face brush is your basic fluffy face brush. I use it to sweep away loose powder i put under my eyes to catch fall out from shadows, or if i get too powdery, i will use it to brush some off. I do use it often, just not for one specific use.

I have had these brushes about 3 years, and i still dont need to replace them. To be honest, for the first 2 years, they were not cared for at all. I wasnt really as "into" makeup as i am now, so they just were kind of used and what not. I washed them for the first time after 2 years!!! So yes they did take a beating, but like i said, they are in FINE condition. Even if i did need to replace them, WHO CARES, they were only a buck!

You can find all of these brushes as well as other E.L.F. products at

Happy Shopping!

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this post are based solely on my personal experience. So please buy/use the items reviewed at your own discretion. Thank you.

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