Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Review: CHI Silk Infusion

This stuff is love in a bottle. I'm can't even joke about it.
I used to be a huge Biosilk fanatic, it was the only hair serum/defrizzer/heat protector i would use. But i was eventually turned on to this amazing little stuff. I got my hair done once, and my stylist used it and the first thing i noticed was the smellllll!


this stuff smells amazing. To me, and most people i know, it smells JUST like men's curve cologne, which is SUCH a cheap, yet amazing smell. But it doesnt smell "manly". Everytime i put it in my hair, my boyfriend walks by and says "mmm you smell gooooood", yes dear i know thank you!

Yes, the smell is a plus, but this stuff works so well! It has much thicker consistency than Biosilk, but it is still a watery consistancy, not gel/cream like at all. But, just because its thick, it isnt heavy AT ALL. It does not weigh down my hair or make it greasy, which even with my thick hair still tends to get by the end of the day.

How i use it: After shampooing and conditioing, i towel dry my hair. I place about a quarter size amount in my hand. (i have medium lenght thick curly hair). I do not apply the product directly on the top/roots of my hair. I concentrate it on ends and back of my hair where my hair tends to be dryer. Then i either let my hair air dry, or i blow dry it. IF i blowdry it, i usually put about a pea size amount in my ends because blowdrying my hair really dries it out. Then i flat iron.
Also, i use it when i leave my hair natural, because it helps tame my split ends and frizziness, and makes my hair look shinier!

Ok enough blabbing, but if youre looking for a new hair serum, that really works and smells great, PICK THIS STUFF UP!!!! It can be bought at Target stores, and in many local salons!

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this post is based solely on my personal experience. So please buy/use the items reviewed at your own discretion. Thank you.

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