Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Just Moved!!!!!!

So i have been MIA for a little while. Me and my SO just moved from FL to TN!

I love it here, and can't wait to find a house. Stinks having to save money, then i cant spend it on MAKEUP!!! And i have a stinkin' CCO like right next door to me! UGH! =[[

Actually, i did just go to the CCO on Sunday and got 3 things.

All MAC:
Pressed powder/bronzer in Blunt for contouring.
Tent- a- Tinte eyeshadow (i think thats how you spell it)
and a dark brown matte eyeshadow, but i cant think of the name! ugh!

I didnt have ANY thing matte, so everything i got was matte.

Well thats all for now, better get back to work, the boss will be stopping in any time now!

Keep checking for EOTD's and Reviews, i have a few lined up!!!


Roxy said...

i wish i lived next to a CCO! lol

Posey said...

I love it! Im only about 5 minutes from it, so its lovely! Also bad because i want to keep going there and buying stuff!lol