Friday, October 24, 2008

Brush Comparison: MAC 187 v. Coastal Scents Stippling Brush

(Excuse the dirty brushes lol)

Pictured above:

Top: Coastal Scents Pink Duo Fiber Powder Stippling Brush

Bottom: MAC 187 Duo Fibre Brush

When i first got into makeup, i saw all these amazing reviews about the MAC 187 duo fibre brush. But it was ALOT of money for someone like me, just getting into makeup.

I found about the Coastal Scents Pink Duo Fiber Powder Stippling Brush and thought, eh what the heck, its $7.95, what a great deal for the fraction of the price of MAC's 187.

So i ordered it. After reading reviews, i expected the brush to smell HORRIBLY, shed like crazy, and dye bleed out constantly.

I experienced NONE of that, except a little tiny bit of shedding during the intial wash, and a little bit of black dye, but that was it. I was pleasantly surprised.

I used the brush to stipple on my liquid foundation, and it DID NOT WORK. You could see little streaks all over my face, it wouldnt buff it, and i had to go over my whole face with a sponge applicator to smooth things out. I was disappointed, and thought, HOW do people get the 187 to work so well, my Coastal Scents dupe is not doing the trick.

I held off on purchasing the MAC 187 because i had nothing but mediocre results with the CS brush.

For my birthday, i treated myself to finally buy the MAC 187. BOY WAS I THRILLED! This brush was EVERYTHING people spoke about. It buffed in my foundation beautifully for a airburhsed finished! I HAD BEEN MISSING OUT!!!!!!! I had NO shedding, no dye leaking, nothing. It was an amazing feeling.

TO compare: The 187 brush is a MUST HAVE for applying liquid foundation. Seriously. I use such a little amount of foundation when compared to when i use a sponge or fingers. I cant speak on how it works with powders, because i use this brush solely for my Studio Fix Fluid.

The CS stippling brush is a great brush to apply my Studio Fix Powder to set my makeup. The brush IS super soft.

The BIGGEST difference between the two it the SIZE of the head, the DENSENESS of the brush head. The 187 is MUCH more dense than the CS brush. Which i think helps apply the liquid into the skin better.

The last thing im going to say, since this is getting lengthy is, no i do not think the CS brush is a good dupe. The 187 is the REAL DEAL, so get it. But the CS brush is a great brush for powder foundation to apply lightly.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this post are based solely on my personal experience. So please buy/use the items reviewed at your own discretion. Thank you.


Hannah said...

I think there is just nothing that compares to the MAC 187. I tried the SE 187 from MAC that came out with Colour Forms and it sucks, just doesnt blend as well as the orignial, I think becuase its soley synthetic instead of a mix like the 187.
I love your blog rosey!

Sofie (Zoffe) Sørensen said...

Thanks for the review! You saved me some money there ;)
I had been wanting to try the CS "dupe" for some time 'cus I love my 187 so much that I want another!
But since the CS doesn't work for foundation I'm gonna pass on that :]

Posey said...

Thanks hannah! I agree, the 187 is amazing!

Zoffe, save yourmoney if you use your 187 for foundation, because for me, the CS dupe doesnt do the job of the 187!