Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Garnier Fructis Fast Melting Conditioner

Yay for added pictures!!!!

I dont have a picture of this, moving and all has made me lose my mind lol.

This conditioner ROCKS! I have naturally curly hair and i flat iron it probably 3-4 times a week. Naturally curly hair is dryer then straight hair unfortunately, so add in blow drying and flat ironing, and it really dries my hair and splits my ends FAST. I am always on the hunt for a new conditioner that will really CONDITION my hair.

I stumbled upon this conditioner during a trip to walmart and was AMAZED by the price. I paid 2.96 (USD) plus tax. I went home and tried it immediately and was amazed by the results.

After shampooing i squeezed a bunch from the tube into my hand (you know how girls use SO much product lol) and applied it to the shaft and ends of my hair. I always concentrate on the ends of my hair and use a little on the top. The first thing i noticed was how quickly my hair literally ABSORBED the product.

With most deep conditioners, they are very thick and sit on top of the hair, and you have to let it set for X amount of minutes. Then to rinse your hair and have that nice condition-y feeling gone, but with the product i rinsed after only 30 seconds. My hair felt no different rinsing then it did with the product in it, and when i say in i mean IN my hair. It didnt just sit on top. It honeslty melted right into the hair and FAST.

I use the conditioner, not the fast melting masque. They have both. The conditioner is apart of their sleek and shine collection.

I seriously rate this product a 5 out of 5! i use it everyday almost and am on my second bottle!

It was love at first rinse!


Shhhh.... said...

hey sweety!
sorry i only just realised that you left me a comment... you left it on september 26th i'm so sorry!
i am actually gonna update mine now, its cuz i went back to uni and i've been stressed blah blah etc etc!
caroline xxx

Sofie (Zoffe) Sørensen said...

This sounds like something I'll have to try!
My hair has gotten more dry lately /: I think it hates me for dying and straightening it ;)

Posey said...

Serisouly, Zoffe, try it! i love this stuff. almost through my second bottle. Its not heavy AT ALL. I use it EVERY single day. its just amazing.