Monday, June 15, 2009

For My Curly Haired Girls!

I always hated my curly hair. Throughout middle school, and early highschool, you ALWAYS saw me with my hair up in a messy bun. I NEVER wore my hair down. I hated my curly hair and always wished I had long straight hair. In my sophmore year of highschool, I started straightening my hair. And if it wasnt straight, it was up in a messy bun. Now that I'm 22, I have embraced my curl. There are certain things us curly haired girls need to do to keep our curls in tip top shape.
Here are some tips:

  • MOISTURIZE! I cannot stress this enough. Curly hair is naturally drier. Look not only for moisturizing conditioners, but also moisturizing shampoos. Lately, I have really liked Organix Shea Butter Shampoo and Conditioner. If you feel like your hair is getting build up from the heavy(er) products, use a clarfiying shampoo MIXED with your regualr shampoo. Mix a little in your hand with your regular shampoo before lathering into hair. This will remove some build up, but not be as harsh as using it on its own. Do NOT using a clarifying shampoo more than once a week- 2 weeks.
  • DO weekly deep conditioning treatments. I LOVEEEE Ojon's Resorative Hair Treatment. You can read my review on it here.
  • On top of weekly deep conditioning treatments, I really like to use a deep conditioner in the shower. I really love BioInfusions Hydrating Hair Balm. You can read my review on it here. I like to use this 2 times a week.
  • Only brush your hair IF you have to. With my curls, I have to brush my hair everytime I shower. My hair gets knotty really easily. If you have to brush your hair, ONLY do it when its WET. Brushing it when its dry will make it frizzy and poofy. And undo all your pretty curls.
  • Use a hair serum. Hair serums help fight frizz, make hair shinier, and help in the brushing process.I LOVE Chi's Silk Infusion. you can read my review on it here.
  • When towel drying hair, DO NOT try and shake the towel over the hair. What I do is wrap my hair after I wring it out. After I get dressed and take my hair out of the towel, if it is still too damp I SCRUNCH the excess water out. Trying to "towel dry" it, will result in frizzy hair.

Styling curly hair is one of the reasons I have embraced my natural curl. Everyone knows how long blow drying and flat ironing takes, just for all that work to be thrown out the window as soon as I wash my hair.

  • Look at curling creams with a bit of a hold. Curling creams will not make the hair crunchy. I have only used one styling cream, but it was a long time ago and I don't even remember which one it is. Some people love curling creams, and others dont. I like a little more hold.
  • Use mousse! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Tresseme's flawless curls mousse. I have been using this mousse for years and it never fails me.
  • Mix your hair serum with your mousse. This gives the same hold from the mousse but makes the hair even more touchable and uncrunchy. There is NOTHING worse than crunchy curls.
  • Scrunch the poduct in your hair, starting in the back. I used to try and run the mousse throughout my whole head, but just scrunching the product into the hair gives enough product and hold without weighing down the curls.
  • Use a diffuser or let hair air dry. If you hate leaving the house with damp hair, make sure you use a diffuser on your hair dryer. Never just use the hair dryer without it, or you will get frizzy curls. When using a dryer and diffuzer, only dry the hair 80% and let the last 20% air dry. This will keep hair from getting frizzy.
  • If you want to relax the curl a bit, after applying product section your hair in half at the temples. Clip the top half up and section the bottom half into 2 section, like you are going to make pigtails. Either loosley braid them, or twist and wrap in a loose bun. Do this with the top half as well. Leave in at least 30 minutes or leave them in overnight. This will help relax the curl a bit.

Here is my routine:

  1. Shampoo and Condition
  2. Wrap hair in towel
  3. Take hair out of towel
  4. Apply Chi Silk Infusion
  5. Comb hair
  6. Apply mousse
  7. And Im out the door. On occasion I will dry/diffuze my hair, but only if Im going out.

Styling my hair take less than 5 minutes. So all you curly haired ladies, EMBRACE YOUR CURL, and make sure to take care of it!

Til next time!


~tHiAmErE~ said...

i know the feeling!
i have wavy hair too & i would die just to have straight!

but that was before..
now i actually like it better

thanks for the tip...
i never would have tried mixing hair serums & mousse together!

KRYSTAL said...

ahh i know the feeling! i HATED my frizzy curly hair!! so i get my hair straightened every year. lol i cant stand my real hair, its hard to work with!