Monday, June 8, 2009

Un-Tagged Questions / Ask Posey

Good Monday Morning!! The weekends over and back to work! YUCK!
Anyhow, over at Superfical, she did a quick tag/questionnaire, and I figured I'd fill it out as well.

Where are you from?
I was born in Orange County New York, was raised in Florida, and now I reside in the Great Smokey Mountains of Tennessee.

Why did you start blogging?
I have always enjoyed testing and trying out new products. And I love to refer products to friends and family, so I figured I would turn it into a true hobby and make a blog.

What's the main aim of your blog?
Well, when I started my blog, I planned on doing more FOTD's and tutorials, but now, I mostly do reviews which I really enjoy.

What's your favourite beauty blog?
I have a ton, all the blogs I follow as well as and doe deere blogazine.

Do you make YouTube videos?

If yes/no why?
No, because honestly, its more work. I do this blog for fun. Plus, I hate how I sound.

Who's your favourite YouTuber?
Wow, umm here is a short list of who I check regularly, but there are more for sure:
brilliantburnette something or other
xxsgitgress or something like that lol
and seriously a ton moreee!

Have you participated in a make up swap?
No. Im really afraid to, because I have heard horror stories.

If not, will you?
I would definitely if it was a blogger i "knew".

Are you more about skin/hair/make up/nails?
All about the same. I LOVE all of them.

What's your favourite brand?
MAC for sure, but I use all sorts of brands from MAC-coastal scents-drugstore

What's your make up must have?
Foundation. More specifically MAC Studio Fix Fluid.
But I mostly buy face products like blush/bronzers/highlighters/etc

What's your hair must have?
Chi Silk Infusion

Current beauty obsession:
Well more like bath obsession and that would be Naked Desserts. Reviews to come soon.

Are you happy with how you look?
I really hate these questions, but for the most part.

What would you like to see more of in beauty blogs?
Honestly, I like all the beauty blogs I read.

How big is your beauty collection?
Not as big as some, but MUCH bigger than your average jane.

Do you own any MAC pro palettes?
Well, I have enough eyeshadows to put in pro palettes, but I have the palettes from CS.

Have you ever been sent free products (excluding prizes/swaps) and if so where from?
No, but I wish I would.

Which company would you love to receive products from (hint hint!):
Anyone who would be willing to send me products to try.

What's your next planned beauty purchase?
Dont have one honestly.

Twitter Username:
I dont have a twitter account. I know I know dont stone me!!!

NOW, Ive been wanting to do this for awhile, so, WHAT DO YOU WANT TO KNOW ABOUT ME? Makeup related or not.

Leave a comment on this post asking me whatever you would like, and I will be making a post to answer your questions!

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Somebody will've probably asked this already, but...Why Posey ;)?