Wednesday, June 10, 2009

LUSH Review: Bathos Bubble Bar

LUSH keeps me coming back only because of their amazing bubble bars. I love these little guys, and will continue to take luxurious baths for as long as my wallet will allow me!


LUSH describes the scent of this as jasmine and violet. With the 2 mixed together, its hard to detect these scents on their own, but wrapped all in one, they make a super relaxing bath that I could soak in for hours (granted the water doesnt get too cold). In dry bar form, the scent is super strong. I use half of this bubble bar (as it is much smaller than The Comforter) per bath. Once crumbled into the bath, and turned into a bubble bath, the smell if much more faint, but still apparent enough to soothe me after a long day.

What I loved about this bubble bar was that it turned my water purple. But a clear purple, not a milky color. With The Comforter, the white and pink bar turned my bath a milky pink, but Bathos just turned my bath into a water down grape juice color! I love it!


The texture of a bubble bar is like a soft clay. It holds its form, but is pliable. Once broken up, this bubble bar didnt seem as moist as The Comforter which helped in breaking it up enough so I had no clumps in the tub. Bathos gave the water a SUPER slippery feel which was lovely for my skin. But be careful when stepping into your tub as it does make the floor of the tub slippery.

As with all of LUSH's bubble bars, I had a tub FULL of foam-y bubbles that lasted the duration of my soak.

What I really love about the bubble bars is they leave no residue once the tub is drained. After I take a bath, I typically will drain the tub and then run the shower and rinse my body off and that is more than enough to rinse away the tub clean.

If you're not into super sweet scents, check out Bathos. It will give you ton of bubbles, relaxing scent, and softer skin!

Til next time!


Kessa Thea said...

Thanks for the review. Have you tried Tisty Tosty too?

Posey said...

Kessa: No, I havent. I have another bubble bar to review that im super excited about, but i havent tried that one yet! Maybe next time!

Anonymous said...

omg im jealous. i want to go to lush soooo BAD. i want to get that dream cream stuff. ughh :) im not that into bubble bars tho :) lol

Posey said...

Elisa: Really? The bubble bars are almost the only reason I even buy ANYTHING from LUSH anymore! Lol.

AbcGrrrL said...

I love LUSH's bubble bars! Esp The comforter bubble bar +think pink bath bomb combo