Friday, February 20, 2009

Updated Reviw: Studio Sculpt

I know in my initial review i said that SC was neck and neck with my SFF.

BOLOGNA! Thats what i say to that.
"I would like to retract my statement, please"

I dont care for this foundation AT ALL. Im not sure what the heck im going to do with it!

First off, it never blends into my skin. IT just sits on top. From about 3-4 feet away, sure looks fine, but any closer and EEEEEK not good. You can just see it sitting on top.

Application methods i have tried:
187 brush. I have to buff for a solid 10 or so minutes before it looks just ok. Yeah, no thanks for that.
181 brush. Hmm much quicker, looked great from afar. Up close, yuckkk! Uneven, just sits on skin.
Sonia Kashuk Blending Sponge. My favrotie of the 3 but still not great. The sponge sheers out the coverage JUST slightly so im ok with it, but i still dont love the way it looked.

No matter the method i try, it just sits on my skin. And on top of that DOES NOT LAST. Seriously, with or without primer, this baby just slides right off my skin! GRRR.
Plus, it looks HORRRRRRRRIBLE on top of blemishes and just magnafies the fact that my skin isnt baby butt smooth.

NOW, NOW, NOW, i am going to hold on to this. I THINKKKK if my skin was cleared up (like my chin/jaw area) it would look good. And if i can get my skin to be more even with exfoliating, it may be nice.

You will like this foundation if:
You have clear super baby smooth skin, and in that case you dont even need foundation!

Til next time.


Makeup Mama said...

Posey, I fully agree with you. This is definitely not the best foundation for me. You're right, it doesn't blend and it sits on top. And it looks kinda dry on me...dry and it separates in a weird way when I put more than a really really light dusting of powder. And it creeps into any dry skin and crevices. I really like the sff too.

Posey said...

YESSSS! that is exactly what it does! Like around my nose and such!
AND it does my my skin look like it has dry patches, yet it makes me look super oily? Its so weird.