Monday, February 16, 2009

Review: BioInfusion Hydrating Conditioning Balm

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My hair need serious moisture! Between blowdrying, straightening, dandruff shampoo, and naturally curly hair, my hair REQUIRES serious hydration.

Thats where this baby comes in! I LOVE BioInfusion products. They are salon quality hair products at drugstore prices. this retails fro $14.99 at I picked it up on sale for $9.99.

HUGE TUB! I like tubs for thick hair products. I like being able to see in the tub and see how much is left.

Like a super duper thick conditioner

Like a salon conditioner. I LOVEEEE the smell of salon products. This isnt fruity, perfume-y, citrus-y, it just smells like a fresh, clean, salon product. you know that smell im talking about.
I conditioned with this last night, and even after using my CHI silk infusion, blowdrying, and flat ironing, i can still smell it! MMM.

This conditioner is LOVE at first rinse. I have used this on and off for a year or so. After shampooing, i use about the amount of half an egg. I scoop it out, concentrate it on the ends and hair shaft, then whatever is left on my scalp. I massage it on and leave it for a few minutes while i shave/etc, then rinse it out. It does not weigh my hairdown like many heavy hair balms can.
It leave my hair SUPER soft, shiney, and MOISTURIZED! The price is wonderful at $14.99 and even better when its on sale.

I love all of the BioInfusion hair products (IE: shampoos and conditioners) and i like that this lines shampoos and conditioners come in huge bottles with pumps! Makes my life so much easier!

I give this a product a 5 out of 5. It really is an awesome product and gets the job done!

Til next time!

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