Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Coastal Scents Palettes!

I absolutely adore all of the Coastal Scents palettes. They have made my life SO much easier, and i i havent spend thouasand of dollars trying to fill palettes. Here are the palettes i have, and my opinion on them!! Hope this helps some of you!

10 Piece Professional Blush Palette $16.95
I absolutely LOVE this palette. I rarely reach for my other blushes (Sephora, MAC, etc)
The top row all have some shimmer in them, while the bottom are mostly matte except for the 2nd in from the left. They all have a wonderful pigmentation, and are even great layered together. My only issue is that these are not super easily blendable. Some are easier than others. But some do require a bit more blending, which really isnt a huge issue, but may be for some beginners.

Contour & Blush Palette $19.95
This palette is just OKAY to me. I like the contour shade, although it is a bit dark for me. But i am able to sheer it out by picking up only a tiny amount. The highlight colors are all wonderful and light. They dont make your face look WHITE, YELLOW, OR PEACH, they just give a nice highlight in that tone. The blushes in this palette (top and bottom both far right) are really pretty, but i reall wish this palette was 3 highlights, 3 contour shades, like light-medium-dark contour. I still use this palette, but mostly just the contour, and ocassional highlighting (which i dont do super often)

Ultra Shimmer 88 Eye Shadow Palette $24.95.
This was my first purchase and palette from CS. I know alot of people have the matte/satin one, but i love the shimmer one. There are some satin shades and some are more pearl finish, some shimmer, and some super shimmer. But they arent glittery, so im very happy with this as opposed to the original matte/satin one. I use this palette all the time! I have the original shiney case but it now comes in a matte case which is MUCH nicer (which = no fingerprints!! )This palette has a small mirror and 2 dual end sponge tipped applicators included.

26 Shadow Blush Combo Palette $21.95.
I purchased this palette after seeing a review and tutorial by makeupbytiffanyd on youtube and loved the colors. It seems though that not many people have this palette.
The blushes can easily be used as eyeshadows and vice versa. This palette contains matte/satin/pearl/shimmer finishes. I love the colors in this palette: pinks, corals, plums, browns, and golds. LOVE this palette. I need to start using it more!

28 Piece Eye Shadow Neutral Palette $21.95
I just received this palette yesterday so i have not done a look with it, but i have swatched a few colors. Overall, i like this palette, but i wish the colors were more NEUTRAL/NUDE. Yes, most of them are, but i feel some of them have a lot of pinkish tones, and well as some taupe-y colors. I really wanted this palettes for complete nudes/neautrals. Like different shades of white/tan/khaki/brown etc. Online it looks more nude, but in real life, some of the colors have pink-coral-purple undertones. Overall, this seems like a really nice palette and im excited to use it!
I am very happy with all of my purchases through Coastal Scents. I think that their palettes are of wonderful quality for a super great price. I know many of these palettes are on Ebay for sale, but i dont like buying anything of Ebay and prefer to use a reputable seller/business like Coastal Scents.
All of these products, as well as many others can buy found and purchased at
Happy Shopping!
Til next time!

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Neeyuh said...

Great info on the palette's, I've been wanting the blush palette 4everrr!

Responding to your comment-It does work for acne, I get breakout's on my chin as well and the mask has really helped. I also use it as a spot treatment whenever I get a pimple I put a good amount just on it and leave it overnight and in the morning it's dried out. I bought mine at Walmart and I've also seen it at Ulta. Hope that helped!!