Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Better Late Than Never!!

I feel HORRIBLE! Stephanie was so awesome with the prize pack i won from her contest!
Its been too long for this post.
This picture is missing some stuff but this is the stuff i have used most.
the makeup bag is HUGE! I love it. I used it to hold my empties for B2Ming.

The little pot to the left is the Inglot Lip Paint. I wasnt sure if i liked the color at first, but now i LOVE IT, and i love the texture. SO smooth and silky and not sticky.

It goes well with the MAC creme liner in summerfruit which is next to it.

Then the MAC holiday eyes palette. This is my first MAC holiday palette and i LOVE the colors in this baby.

Next is the Revlong Beyond Natural Smoothing Primer. I actually really like this stuff minus the strong perfume-y smell.

Next to that are the two minerals from Everyday Minerals. A blush and a concealor. I LOVE them. The blush is sooooo pigmented i only need a little tiny bit!!!!!

Liek i said this is not everything, i had some lashes, a bronzer, couple other things, but this is the stuff i have USED and use fairly often!!

Thank you again SO MUCH Stephanie. The contest was SO much fun and i hope to hold one as soon as i get enough followers!

I have a HUGE Coastal Scents post for tomorrow!!!!

Watch for it!

Til next time!!!


Makeup Mama said...

I'm so glad you're enjoying your loot! I totally know what you're talking about with the primer...I love the staying power it gives my foundation but it smells like lemon pledge or something :(

Can't wait for your coastal scents post. I've been lurking on that page lately...looking at palettes!

Katherine said...

Which MAC holiday palette did you get? I have one that looks exactly like that, it's the "smokey eye" one. It's great.

Posey said...

Its the Devoted Poppy one!
i love it!