Monday, February 9, 2009

MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation Review

No pictures, not much to see lol since it matches my skin.

Anywho, I had ran out of my beloved Studio Fix Fluid, but had not placed an order for the foundation because i didnt want to pay shipping for one item. I realized Studio Sculpt had come out, so I ordered my normal SFF and the SC (studio sculpt).

I figured, if I didnt love SC, i could return it and still have my HG SFF. or vise versa.

was spot on. i ordered it in NC25 like i do with SFF. matched better than my SFF.

Very thick. definitely gel like. But once applied, it was SUPER light. I definitely could not feel anything on my face.

Definitely medium-full which is love! I was afraid it would be only like medium coverage and i would have to build it up. Which i hate and feel is wasting product. but it was very medium-full coverage. Even though the coverage was high, the feelign was very light, almost like i had nothing on which was lovely. Also, even though this is medium-full coverage, it can be sheered out easily by using less or mixing it with some moisturizer.

For me, it gave a matte finish that was natural, slightly dewy. Like a soft matte finish. I have dry cheeks with normal-oily t-zone, and after 3 hours i was SLIGHTLY shiney, but i didnt put a powder on top. I wanted to see how it performed on its own.

I reallly like this foundation. Its neck and neck with my SFF. I cant say i like it more, but i will not be returning it. I really love the squeeze tube packaging which isnt cheapy feeling at all.

You will like this if:
You dont have super oily skin, or dont mind using a blot/finishing powder. Dont like the heavier feel of SFF. Prefer more coverage. Hate the packaging of other MAC foundation.

I give this product a 4 out of 5 because it does what i expected but didnt WOW me more than my SFF.

Til next time.


Makeup Mama said...

Okay, so you know exactly what I'm talking about then. I'm the same about being private, but I really needed some sort of outlet. I figure, other people might see me, but most of my friends and family don't know about my blog and the 2 friends that do know about it don't know the blog name, so they
can't find it.

I had the same problem with the brow tutorial, the colour just wouldn't show up and even if it did, it would still be hard to see where the brush strokes I'm laying down are. Hm...dilemna.

PS. thanks for the review, I really wanted to try this foundation. glad to hear it's full coverage.

Katherine said...

What does Studio Sculpt look like after a day of wear? I have Mineralize foundation now and I like it, but the coverage is only so-so; I find that foundations with fuller coverage tend to settle into my fine lines (around eyes and nose). What are your thoughts?

Thanks for the review! :)

Katherine said...

Thanks for the update re: Studio Sculpt. I saw a couple of demos on YouTube and it definitely looked like it had pretty crazy coverage. I guess you have to weigh the pros and cons - keep me posted! The search for the perfect foundation continues.

Thanks! :)

Zoella. said...

I just came across your blog and i love it! Your reviews are really in-depth, which im sure is highly appreciated. :) Was thinking of getting this foundation so i'm glad you have done a review. x