Friday, May 15, 2009

Nail Experiment

Hi all! Its Friday! I am so in the mood for some sleeping in this weekend!

First off, ENTER MY CONTEST! It ends on the 18th! I have a ton of goodies to give away!!!! Details Here!

Now, onto my post. Nails are the HUGE rage right now! And I'm constantly trying to grow my nails out. (horrible nail biter here).

I wanted to keep track of how much my nails grow in a certain amount of time! So using my Nailtek treatment, Im going to track my progress for you ladies! Because if i can grow my nails, anyone can!

Be on the watch for updates on length! I may do a weekly comparison!


Til next time!


Jean said...

Completely forgot about that contests 3 days, better try and get a move on. My nails grow like crazy can't get rid of them can be annoying.

chunkee munkee said...

oh, this is so great! im excited that ur doing that, becasue im a nail biter tooo!!!! i really want to have nice long pretty nails to paint, but my nails are really thin and fragile so they bend/break/tear alll the time.and i tried many nail strengtheners/growers, but they just dont work for me!!!

Rocaille said...

I've heard a lot of good things about Nailtek, so it might be worth a try :) I don't really have fragile nails and they grow really fast too, but my cuticles are driving me crazy... I think I need this Burt's Bees lemon cream :) xxx

Cris said...

Gave you an award :).
Click here ;).