Monday, May 4, 2009

Blogger Spotlight

Before I get onto the Blogger Spotlight, remember I'm having a contest. Be sure to enter for a chance to win a TON of awesome beauty products. Details here.

For a new feature on this blog, I decided to start a blogger spotlight! I will be adding these whenever I get interviews back from bloggers who agree to do it!

For our first Blogger Spotlight, I am featuring Stephanie from Makeup Babble. She is one of the first blogs I really followed closely and I LOVE all of her looks. When you finish the interview, check out her blog, you won't be sorry.

Let's get to know her a little better.

  1. Tell us a little bit about yourself. Married? Kids? What do you do for a living?

Well, my first name is Stephanie and I am someone’s Mrs. and 2 little people’s mommy. My daughter is 3 and my son is 7 months. I am a stay-at-home mom who sells baby gifts and does makeup gigs (mostly bridal and local music vids.) I don’t actively seek makeup jobs, but I probably should since I need to support this makeup habit of mine somehow. I’m so busy with the 2 kids!

  1. Have you always been this into makeup? Or was it a gradual thing?

I have always been this into makeup, for sure. I remember always getting in trouble from a young age (starting at 3-4) for applying makeup on my dolls and stuffed animals using anything I could get my hands on…paints, crayons, felts, my mom’s makeup (I always got in extra trouble for that!) I started giving makeovers at the tender age of 6, so this is something I’ve always been interested/obsessed with.

  1. Who taught you how to apply makeup? Did a female family member ever give you any tips? Or completely self taught?

I taught myself how to apply makeup for the most part, but I did take some makeup courses about 2 years ago to learn all those tips and tricks I didn’t know (like sanitizing and skin types) and the business side of things.

  1. If you were stranded alone on a deserted island, what 3 items would you bring? (can be non-beauty related) What about being stranded in Alaska in winter?

On a deserted island I would bring Carmex lip balm, sunscreen and a gazillion magazines. In Alaska in the winter I would bring Carmex lip balm again, my ipod and my asthma inhaler (dorky I know, but the cold air makes it hard for me to breathe!)

  1. If you could only eat one dish for the rest of your life, what would it be? (if it was promised that you wouldn’t gain any weight Lol)

Oooh, definitely the calamari dinner from my fave Greek restaurant! Sooooo good. Crispy calamari on top of a bed of rice, roast potatoes, a ton of greek salad and tzatziki. Mm, I’m drooling just thinking about it! Oh and since I’m picky and this is my fantasy, I’d make sure there were no tentacles cuz they really creep me out (o_O)

  1. Do you have a favorite color(s)? Do you apply that to your makeup?

My favourite colour is purple closely followed by pink and yes it totally applies to makeup. I wouldn’t say purple is my favourite colour to wear necessarily, but I’m always drawn to purple eye shadows & lipsticks. I have more purple eye shadows than what I know what to do with. And pink lippies are my fave!

  1. Is there one makeup “fad” you never jumped on the bandwagon? Why?

Hm, I’d have to say the dark lip liner and pale lipstick. It just was never my style, thank goodness. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s fine in print or runway, but not everyday life.

  1. Other than makeup, do you have any other hobbies?

I don’t have a lot of time for hobbies these days unfortunately, but I used to love to dance. I took ballet when I was younger and I was captain of my high school dance squad (what a nerd!) and I loved taking dance classes, but I haven’t done it in ages. I miss that…

  1. It seems nail stuff is hitting the internet beauty world hardcore, nail blogs everywhere are popping up! Are you also really into nails?

Not as much as I have been in the past, but yes. I always have my nails painted. Actually I wanted to take a nail course a little bit ago, but never found the time or extra cash (it’s super expensive!)

  1. If you could give young girls around the world ONE beauty tip, what would it be?
Blend blend blend. I say this all the time and I’ll never get tired of saying it. I can’t stand seeing hard lines in eye shadows, on cheeks, contours, foundation lines on the jaw. Yikes! That and have fun with makeup, there are no rules!

Til next time!


*Nehs* said...

her babies are adorable!! how cute! she is one hot mama! enjoyed reading this.

GirlAboutTown said...

omg your babies are too cute! i love the contest you are putting out...i'm gonna try to do it ;D

Makeup Mama said...

thanks! I think my babies are adorable too, but I may be a bit biased ;)

thanks posey for doing this! it was fun