Thursday, May 7, 2009

LUSH Review: The Comforter Bubble Bar

Out of my LUSH haul, this was the only product that really wowed me. (Reviews to come later on the other products) Honestly, from what I've experienced, LUSH is more of a novelty thing. People expect to love everything because its from LUSH. For me, most of my expectations have not been met. On to the review.

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$8.75 for 7 oz. This product was much larger than expected. I should be able to use this bar at least 3 times. Although thats about $2.92 per bath, its more a luxury type item, and wouldnt be used every bath.


I expected this product to be harder, but it wasnt. It was the texture of semi dried clay, but not as crumbly. Once crumbled into the bath, its melts and turned the bath water into a luxurious spa. It turns the bath water light pink (darker if you use more product) and the bubbles have a slight hint of pink to them. The Comforter turns the bath water almost slippery feeling, which made me feel that is was a bit moisturizing. The bubbles are super thick. You know when you try to use cheap shampoo to make a bubble bath? The bubbles are actual bubbles and pop quickly. With The Comforter, the bubbles are super fluffy. It also made a ton of bubbles. I would say I still had 2/3's of the bubbles left at the end of my 15 minute soak. It was lovely and relaxing.


This was my favorite scent from LUSH that my nose has sniffed thus far. Its sweet but not overpowering in bar form. Once crumbled into the bath water, it was much fainter but still apparent. I would say the scent would linger on the skin if you didnt wash with another soap. It was slightly sweet, but not sickening like Rockstar soap. I really enjoyed this scent.


This is probably the ONLY product I would repurchase that I have tried so far (except for Imperialis Moisturizer). It made a wonderful bath for me that was very relaxing. The scent was lovely, the bubbles were fun, and for a treat to myself, I will likely stock up on this.


Til next time!


Superficialgirl said...

I never takes baths... otherwise i might have tried it out, cause i havent been impressed by any of the other items either! :)

LOVEpink said...

sounds sooo good! and bubbles! :) heh definitely want to check this out ...once i move & start taking baths rather than showers more :P heh thanks for the review! i <333 lush but i've been good lately and trying not to spend! heh xoxo, bev

AbcGrrrL said...

This is my favorite LUSh bubble bar ever. I've already gone thru 3 bars!! My Lush girl suggested pairing the bubbble bar with Think Pink bath bomb (she cut up the ball for me) so now my baths = wonderful smelling, PINK, bubbly, and super moisturizing. I love how my hair smells like the comforter bubble bar when I blow dry it :)