Friday, May 8, 2009

LUSH Review: Honey I Washed The Kids Soap

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As a LUSH bestseller, rave reviews online, and my love for the scent of honey, I knew I had to include this is my next LUSH order.

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$7.95 for 3.5 oz. In my opinion, I find LUSH's soaps to be a bit on the expensive side in turns of soap. I can buy a 6 pack of Dove soap for $6.88. In terms of size, a bar of Dove soap is 3.15 oz. So although LUSH's soaps look big online, they are not much larger than a typical bar of soap.


The scent of this is hard to explain. When I hear "honey" I assume the product is going to smell like honey, like my Burt's Bees honey Lip Balm (which I can't leave home without), so I was so excited to have that scent linger on my body. WRONG. I really can't pinpoint the scent, it's hard to explain. LUSH claims there are hints of bergamot and orange, but I cannot detect these hints. There is a SLIGHT sweetness to this soap, but then there is just a wierdness about the rest of it. I have come to know many of LUSH's scents smell different once "in use", so I cut off a teeny peice and brought it to my bathroom to wash my hands with it. Again, the smell didnt change. This isnt a scent I care for, but luckily the scent is faint and didn't linger on my hands.


This soap did lather more than other soaps by LUSH that I have tried. It did seem to moisturize better than other LUSH soaps as well. Also, the soaps I have tried by LUSH give me that dry/squeaky clean feeling that I HATE, but this soap didnt seem to do that which was good.


This is not a soap I will re-purchase. I dont care for the scent much, and for me, LUSH's soaps are overpriced. If you can, definitely go to a LUSH store and smell the soaps before you purchase them if you are able to. Unfortunately for me, I have no LUSH within hundreds of miles.

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LOVEpink said...

thanks for the review! i def wanted to try this one...been eyeing every time i go into the store!! i like that it seems moisturizing. maybe i'll buy a tiny tiny piece for the sake of trying it heh :)

LOVEpink said...

hey girl, i gave you an award on my blog <333

beachbuns612 said...

OMG you cannot imagine the excitement when I saw the big picture of HIWTK on your blog...I'm a huuuuge LUSHaholic, and this is one of my favorite soaps/scents!

beachbuns612 said...

I wanted to add, if you're finicky about the feel/smells of soaps at LUSH, you can ask them to shave off a little sample for you. The one here in KC has a sink back by the register counter so you can try the bath products in the store before purchasing them. However, all of this only works if there is a store in your area...

javieth said...

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