Friday, January 23, 2009

Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer Light

(image courtesy of This is the original one, not the light one, but they come in the same bottle.

I realized I have not done a review on this yet, and im almost through an entire bottle!

I used to use the Soothing Care Chafing Relief Powder/Gel which is almost an exact dupe for the original Smashbox Photo Finish primer, but it broke me out and felt very heavy.

I got a sample of the original Smashbox Photo Finish Primer, but felt it was still too heavy. I asked a sales associate at Sephora what she would recommend and she told me to try the Light one.

After getting a sample, I fell in love! The sales associate explained to me that is it great for people with oily skin (which it says on the back on the bottle as well).

It is white as opposed to that clear/gel look of the original. It also has more of a lotion texture and doesnt feel as silicone-y. It does still have that silky feeling when applied on the skin, but it is not heavy at all.

I really love this primer, but wish it wasnt so expensive. I have had the bottle a few months (i think i bought it around october) and its almost half gone. I use a pump or a pump and a quarter pump to do my whole face. I really love this because it does help with shiney-ness even though im not overly oily.

I also LOVE the packaging! I love pump bottles, and even buy pumps to put on bottles that dont come with one. Also when you start to use enough, you will see the bottom part of the bottle rises, inside the bottle, so you get every last drop. As opposed to typical pump bottles where you have to take the pump out and shake/dump the remaining product out. I really like that about this primer.

I recommend this primer if:

  • you have oily skin
  • you dont like the feeling of heavy primers
  • other primers cause breakouts
  • dont mind splurging a bit

I definitely give this product a 4 out of 5!

Til next time!


Makeup Mama said...

Hey Posey, you're welcome & I'm glad you liked it! I used to have difficulties with pic-taking too cuz I do all those fotd's at nite (when I put the kids to sleep) and honestly the only way I can get my photos to turn out is to set my camera to night shots, lock myself in the bathroom and turn off all the lights and then take the pics. If the lights aren't off then the extra lighting + the flash make too much light and wash me out. Hope that helps!

Fashion's Darling said...

I always get mixed reviews about this primer. my frend broke out IMMENSLY so i'm afraid to try it out. i just got rid of all my pimples lol

Bella said...

I hear you hermana - I love Smashbox primer (the one with SPF --- pinky shade) but wish it was not that spendy!!!!!