Monday, January 12, 2009

My Vanity and Organization

Here is where I spend MOST of my time. In my makeup room. I will try to describe as much as i can for each pciture.

Far away view. Everything on top is stuff i use everyday. Shelf underneath holds cleaning wipes (for desk), traincase with backups, stuff i dont use as often. Plastic drawers hold misc stuffs, cheap pencils etc.

I got the organizers at Target. I think i spend like 20 bucks on them. the left one is most of my face stuff, eye pencils, lip stuff, singe eyeshadows etc. The right one is all of my palettes, and the rest is described in the picture.

Again, this is not everything, and i have added to this picture since receiving a few hauls. Lol.

Brushes. Dirty, yes, and those are headbands on my lamp.

Nail polishes (have more in my bedroom, these are things i use often. MAC pigments, Beauty from the earth minerals, blacktrack fluidline, etc

Some hair stuff. I have a lot more but again, daily usage. My SO and I bought the shelf already finished at Lowe's, bought the L brackets to mount it, and drilled the holes in it to hold my curling iron, flat iron, and blowdryer.
So this is it! I was going to do a collection post, but i really didnt feel like i needed to open all my palettes, etc.
If you want to know what anything is specifically, just ask!
til next time!


Makeup Mama said...

My gosh, you are soooo organized! I'm jealous, I want a makeup room with a shelf that has hair appliance holsters!!

Anonymous said...

i like how everything is all in one. Makeup, hair and nail!!

Posey said...

Steph, this is the only place in my home im so organized Lol.

Katrina, it really helps me so much. I used to do my nails in one room, makeup in one room, hair in another. So it really helps me stay organized! lol

jaycee said...

hello! I'm still new to blogging and let me just say that I'm in absolute AWE! I love you organization skills. All my stuff is just in my 3 drawer organizer and all over my bathroom. Great ideas! I should try that =)

Posey said...

Hi Jaycee! Welcome to the world of blogging lol. Its a bigger community than i would have ever imagined!

Thank you for the compliment, it really makes my life easier having it all so organized!

LOVEpink said...

ohhhh youre make up room is deeelightfulll! it's like an in home salon!!! thanks for the welcome :)

Haley said...

Awesome! I love how everything is organized.
Where did you get that storage thing where you keep your nail polishes and pigments? I'm looking for something like that. :)

Posey said...

Hey Haley! I got the nail polish rack from

you can find it under equipment on their site im pretty sure. I love it!
Its very sturdy!