Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I won!!!!!

As i stated in a prior post, i entered Steph's Tacky Makeup Contest! ( www.makeupbabble.blogspot.com ) AND I WON!!!!!!

It was my first contest i have ever entered, and i won!!!!!!!

Thanks so much Steph for holding the contest!

In other news, i was home sick from work yesterday, i still feel horrible, but im here at work! BLEH!

I tried making a tutorial, but the weather wasnt up for it. It was snowing and grey out, so i couldnt get any color to show well in the pictures.

Tonight, im going to take some pics for a post tomorrow about my MUST HAVE items!

til next time!


Makeup Mama said...

Yay Posey Yay! Congrats! Hope you had fun with it :)

And hope you feel better...I was sick a bit ago and it sucks. Can't wait to see your must haves!

Sofie (Zoffe) Sørensen said...

Congrats! :D That's great :D

I always wanna enter contests but I don't think I can win, lol :b

Hope you feel better soon :]

Makeup Mama said...

Hey Posey, thanks for you comment! Which purple one did you mean, I do a lot of purple...I can try to do it for you :)