Monday, January 12, 2009

MAD at MAC!!

Ok, so i made a MAC BBR purchase. Just some lipglosses, lipsticks, and the Redhead MSF. I decided to use my other credit card instead of the card i already have online with my MAC account. I recieve an email saying it can verify my billing address.

ok things happen, ive moved 3 times in the last few months. I go online to my credit card, verfiy my address with the MAC rep, get another emailt he next day saying the same thing. OK well thats funny...

I decide to just use the regular card i have on account with MAC. So i give her that info, then this morning,again, cant verify my mailing address. Seriously, it just makes me so mad, that im not even going to try again. It wil be my 4th time on the ohone with them, and it has given me time to realize i dont NEED any of the stuff i wanted. Since i already have other stuff i can use. SO now im getting nothing from the collection i wanted to so badly !

UGH! in the process of posting my vanity organization post now, just having to upload lots of pictures.


PamCakes said...

Great jealous..sigh! lol

I added you to my following area too lol

PamCakes said...

NO girl I know what you mean! I love Coastal Scents pallettes too, the nuetral one is my favorite. Plus its so much cheaper buying pallettes. Thats one of my new yrs resolution this year is try not to spend so much money on makeup! I now have too much makeup and not enough clothes/shoes LOL