Monday, April 27, 2009

Summer Beauty Must Haves

With the warm weather comes different beauty products that we need to have, while others are just to heavy for summer. Its time to put away all of those liquid and cream products and brake out those summer must haves. Not sure what to have on hand for those hot, humid, summer months? Well here are some of MY must haves (in no particular order).MAC Shroom Eyeshadow. I love this satin finished neautral shade because it is a perfect everday highlight when I'm in no mood for full out eyeshadow, and gives a great glow to the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, and shoulders.

Hershey's Almond Lip Balm. Purchased at Sephora. If you like the scent of almond, you would LOVE this lipbalm! Its super light and hydrating, and contains SPF15.

Covergirl Classic Color in Rose Silk. My HG blush. Ive had this blush for YEARS and it is STILL my favorite. Rosy pink with a very fine shimmer that gives cheeks amazing glow. I love to use this to brighten up my face when I've had a long day on the water.

LUSH's Imperialis Moisturizer. You can read my review on it here.

MAC Studio Fix Foundation. During the fall and winter, I am attached to my Studio Fix Fluid, but let's be honest, its WAY to heavy for summer. I LOVE this pressed powder foundation because it gives medium-full coverage (depending on the brush you use), yet still feels light as air on the skin.

Loreal Voluminous Mascara. Again, another HG product of mine. Like I said before, there are times during the summer where I can't even think of doing full eye makeup, so after my wash of highlight of Shroom eyeshadow, I love to finish off my eyes with a nice coat of this mascara. It gives me that false lash look and doesnt flake.

Bobbi Brown Powder Brush. I was lemming over this brush for months at my CCO. And I am so glad I bought it. This brush applies blush beautifully, and I love to use to apply my bronzer as well. It also works when I want to do a quick contour.

MAC Fix+ . MAC describes it as a refreshing mist or finishing spray. I love to use this with my Studio Fix. After I tap my brush on top of my powder foundation, I spritz this from a distance onto my brush, and it gets rid of that "powdery" look. I also like to use this as a finishing spray or to just mist myself on a hot, humid, summer day.

MAC 185 brush. This brush is so dense yet soft. Because of how dense it is, it gives me full coverage, yet buffs it out so quickly. I don't know what I did before this brush!

What are some of YOUR summer must haves? Tell me in the comments! (You'll be glad you did ;] )

Til next time

Haulin', Haulin', Haulin!

My wallet is crying right now! But I'm a happy girl!

I have a ton of stuff coming in to review for all of you from LUSH to a ton of Sephora goodies!

I should be receiving my Sephora shipment today. Who knows when my LUSH stuff will be in, their shipping takes FOR-EV-ER!

Be on the look out for some fun reviews.

Til next time!

Giveaway Winner and small announcement

Hi everyone! Hope you all had an awesome weekend!
It was so beautiful this weekend, but really hot. Here i am complaining about the hot when i was complaining about the cold winter. Lol. It was in the high 80s all weekend!

Anyhow, I had changed the entry date to last night for my giveaway. all you had to do was leave a comment with a summer beauty tip and your email! out of 52 followers, i got 10 entries. Maybe some people just didnt want the sunless tanner, lol. I will be having another contest here again soon, as well as more giveaways. So be on the look out for them!

My giveaway winner was:

Congrats girl! Be on the watch for an email from me.

NOW, for the announcement. I realized i never had an email account set up that you all could email me with requests, comments, questions, etc. And i wanted to have one for you all. I realized I had a gmail account i never have used before, so i decided to make it my beauty blog email account. the email is xorosexx[at]gmail[dot]com so if you have anything you need, request, comment, question etc, please feel free to email me.


Friday, April 24, 2009


Hey everyone! Happy Friday! Im Super excited for this weekend because it is going to be beautiful and sunny and in the high 70s, low 80s so im syked! Im dragging this morning. Me, my SO, my brother, and a friend went to our local rib and wing fest last night and then to a karoake bar. Im pooped, and would love to be back in bed, but we had a blast!

Anyhow, I decided to extend the entry date for my giveaway. Im leaving it open until Sunday night. 04/26/09. I figured I should give everyone more time to see that im having a giveaway seeing as how i have 50 followers and only a few entries!

Like I said, the more comments, feedback, and love i get from everybody, the more love everyone gets from me! =]

so Happy Friday everyone! hope you all enjoy your weekend!

Til next time!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

GIVEAWAY for 50 followers!

[See edit below]

Hi everybody! In light on having 50 followers, im having another giveaway!

Im super excited how "busy" my blog has gotten in the past few months! I want to thank all of my followers, new and old, and of course all of the other lovely bloggers ive met along the way.

I am giving away one

(image curtesy of

How to enter:

Leave a comment on this post with your best summer beauty tip and an email so i can contact you if you win. All entries must be in by 11:59 TONIGHT 04/23/09.

EDIT: Because this is a giveaway for my followers, YOU MUST BE ONE! Its easy to follow my blog, so in order to win, you must follow my blog!

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Monday, April 20, 2009

I Was Tagged

I was tagged by the amzingly wonderful and beautiful MAI! So here it goes, its SUPER long lol:

Okay, here's the rules:
1. Respond and rework: answer the questions on your blog, replace one question that you dislike with a question of your own invention, add one more question of your own.
2. Tag eight other people.

• What is your current obsession? Makeup as usual. but im lemming for my Dazzleglass order to get here already!!!!

• What is your weirdest obsession? Hm, must be that any type of volume must be set at intervals of 5 or else it annoys me really bad.

• What are you wearing today? Pacsun jeans, brown cami with teal v-neck and brown flip flops.


• What’s for dinner today? Probably chicken. as usual. whatever it is somethign healthy. Lol

• What would make today special? A proposal from my SO.

• What would you like to learn to do? Hmmmm well i would like to learn how to go to school for cosmetology. I cant find a school anywhere around here.

• What’s the last thing you bought? Dazzleglasses from MAC. I got 4 of them.

• What are you listening to right now? My brother shredding papers here at work.

• What is your favorite weather? Spring definitely. But i love summer for getting tan.

• What is your most challenging goal right now? to lose stinking weight! UGH!

• What do you think about the person who tagged you? I think she is a beautiful strong lady! ;]

• If you could have a house totally paid for, fully furnished anywhere in the world, where would you like it to be? Fuji.

• What would you like to have in your hands right now? how about ON my hand, and that would be an engagement ring.

• What would you like to get rid of? my stupid breakouts that wont go away!

• If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go? probably italy.

• Which language do you want to learn? italian.

• What do you look for in a friend? PURE HONESTY. this is one thing that bugs me. Just be honest with me. if you dont want to hang out or would rather hang with your boyfriend, dont tell me youre just tired and going to hang out at home. just tell me youre busy and going to hang with ____ person.

• Who do you want to meet in person? ROBERT PATTINSON!!!!!!!!!

• What’s your favorite type of music? COUNTRY and RAP! Lol im so weird. I listen to country mostly but i get in my moods. im really a gangsta, just no one knows it! Lol.

• What is your favorite piece of clothing you own? I dont really have a favorite peice of clothing, most of my clothes are fairly similar. Lol.

• What is your dream job? anything to do with beauty.

• Any favorite models? no sir!

• If you had £100 now what would you spend it on? clothes, makeup, shoes etc

• Favorite designer? dont have one.

• Fashion pet peeve? when women dont dress for their body shape or age. Im all for showing off your rocking bod, but honestly, there are some clothes that should only be worn by skinny girls and some clothing that shouldnt be worn over the age of 30.

• Do you admire anyone’s style? no, not really. I do like some people's styles, but i dont admire anyones lol

• Describe your personal style. Laid back. Im a jeans a tank kind of girl, but i like to play up my outfits with fun makeup, hair, and shoes!

• HONESTLY describe yourself in ONE WORD. Loved

I am going to tag:
Kreative Vanity
MissWhoever You Are

Wow that took a long time!

Til next time!

Thank you! and update!

I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to allof my new followers, and to all my followers who have been around since the beginning! Its because of you all that i do this! So the more love i get, the more i give out! Please leave comments, ideas, etc on any posts you enjoy. This lets me know what you all like to see and what you dont!

The more responses i get, the more you girls (and/or guys) will be more included in fun things like giveaways and contests!

I just wanted to apologize to you. I was waiting for a shipment of containers to send you all pigment samples to say thank you for the hard work you put in to enter my contest. Skip ahead to a bunch of confusion on credit card and billing addresses, and i have not received my order and have canceled it. So i have decided to send you all something different. Its one of my HOLY GRAIL products, and i want all of you to have one. I should have them out in the mail by tomorrow. Again, my sincerest apologies. And another huge thank you for entering my contest (that was like ages ago!!!Lol)

I have another LUSH review to do today and then a post of my HG items/ Most used products in the next few days!

Til next time!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Brow Tutorial

Hey everyone! I did a brow tutorial for you guys! For tutorial purposes, I used a MUCH darker color than i typically do. Although it doesnt look SUUUPER dark in pictures, it was very dark in real life.
On to the tutorial.

First, I start with a bare brow. Ive plucked as many stray hairs as I could see. (It was night time, so I was just trying to clean them up for this tutorial) As you can see, my brows are pretty full and have a decent shape. (this picture actually washes it out a bit, as well as the angle as they look more bare here than usual lol.) I just really prefer a more dominant/stronger brow.

Then using a thin stiff brush (MAC 212), i pick up some eyebrow powder on the tip of the brush.

Then, I draw a line from the inner bottom corner all the way to my arch.

I also draw a line on the top from the top inner corner to the arch.

Then i dab the brush vertically between the two lines to connect them.

Using a stiff angled brush (sephora brow brush) I pick up more brow powder.

and i fill in the rest of the brow, including the tail. While im doing this, i also go ahead and soften the "box" i initially made outlining the brow inner edge.

Using the same brush i used to make the ouline on my brow (MAC 212) i dip into a concealor a shade lighter than my skin tone.

I draw a line under the entire brow with the concealor. This will highlight the brow and make it appear stronger, and also helps hide any stray hairs.

I blend the concealor down using the same brush. I also use the remaining concealor on the brush and run it along the top side of the brow.

Til next time!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

LUSH Review: Angels on Bare Skin Cleanser

For the last few weeks, I have been using Angels on Bare Skin by LUSH. Now I havent used it religiously morning and night everyday. But I have used enough to give a fairly thorough review.

(image curtesy


Fairly decent in my opinion. $9.95 for 3.5 oz.


First off, I have watched many reviews on youtube and such and have seen this product look differently. Mine looks NOTHING like the picture (curtesy of Mine does not have those bigger dark chunks in it. Also, mine came in one of LUSH's little black tubs with the screw off cap. I have seen some people get theirs in clear plastic containers. Either way, it is the same product. Mine does not have any big exfoliating chunks in it like you see in the picture. The texture of this is basically like a gritty clay. The smell is very herbal but not overpowering. I like it very much and the smell fades fairly quickly once rinsing it off. This product does have oil in it. And while spreading across my face, I can feel the oil. But once I rinse it off and pat my face dry, my skin just feel moisturized, and not oily.

How I Use it:

I take a little more than a pea size amount and place it in my palm. with my other hand, I dampen my face with warm water. Then, I let some of the water drip off my fingers onto the product in my palm. You dont need alot of water to get this stuff working. I would say about 5 drops all together. Then i spread it on my face and massage it aound in circular motions. Then i rinse, and pat my skin dry. I then follow with my toner (witch hazel) and moisturizer.


I do really like this cleanser, but I cant speak for if it has helped clear my skin up like some people claim. But it does make my skin super soft and brightens up my skin. I wouldnt really recommend this product to people who have very oily skin. It does exfoliate, but I feel it is just fine for everyday use and isnt overly abrasive.

You can purchase this at

Til next time!

Friday, April 10, 2009

New Poll

Hey everybody! Happy Friday and Good Friday to those who observe it!

I added a poll over here ------------------------------------------------>

I want to know what you all want to see more of!

If the option isnt in the poll, please leave a comment on this page.

This blog is for all of you, so tell me what you want!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Makeup Tips, Tricks, and Organization

Good Thursday morning followers! Today I wanted to do something a little different and give you all some tips and tricks to make your life easier and faster when it comes to applying makeup.

  1. GET ORGANIZED! That means something different for everybody. For me, I like to keep everything within arms reach. So a traincase is not very handy for me. I bought an organizer from target that sits on my vanity. You can see it here. This way, everything is out and in eyes/arms reach.
  2. Once you decide what makeup you want to use, get it layed out and ready to use. For me, when I know I am going to be using 2 different palettes, I take them both out and open them so they are ready to be dipped into as soon as I need it. This way im not searching for palettes, opening them, and looking for the shadow I want to use next.
  3. USE PALETTES! Yes, they cost money, but you can find them for a decent price from many retailers. I have the original 15 pan palettes from Coastal Scents, but they now make magnetized ones as well. Palettes house all your shadows so you dont have to deal with organizing and finding a single eyeshadow when you need it.
  4. Use tape. I know some people dont like using tape and dont like the harsh line it causes, but it really makes applying eyeshadow much faster. Place a small piece of regular scotch tape from the corner of your eye to the outer tip of the tail of your brow. When you are done applying your eyeshadow, gently peel it off to show a nice clean line that ends exactly where it "should". Dont like the harsh line? Simple. Lightly blend it out with your finger or a blending brush.
  5. Keep towels handy. Paper towels cost money and cause alot of waste product. Instead buy cheap towels. I get mine in the dollar section at target. They are hand towels with a light texture to them. I fold them up, use a side, when that side gets dirty, flip it to a clean side. When the whole towel is dirty, I toss it in the wash and use a new clean one. (I buy the white ones. Yes they get stained and never look perfect again, but thats ok, as long as I know they are clean.) This helps me in so many ways. Say for a look im using the 239 brush for more than one color, I just swipe my brush across the towel to get rid of excess color before I dip into a new color.
  6. Apply your highlight color last. I know some people prefer to do it first, butttttttt, applying the highlight color last lets you control the height of the crease/lid color and lets you fix mistakes. Say I apply my crease color too high, instead of having to try and fix it with more color, you can just apply your highlight and blend down. It helps tone down the crease color if you went up to high.
  7. Like the light feeling of powder foundation but hate how it just sits on top of your skin and looks, well, powdery. Easy. Lightly spritz your brush with some Fix+ before buffing it into the skin. This helps the powder sink into the skin better and gets rid of that powdery look. I like to take my 181 and bounce it on my studio fix powder. Once I have the desired amount of product on my brush, I hold my brush a foot or so away from the Fix+ bottle and spritz the brush with only about half a spray. I dont want the brush to get soaked, or even damp really. Just lightly misted. ALSO, never spray your brush first, then dip it into the product, it can ruin your powder.

Well thats it for now. These are just some things I have had on my mind that I thought I would share.


Til next time!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Review: LUSH Imperialis Moisturizer

This is SERIOUS holy grail material right here. Ladies, drop everything you are doing, run to your closest LUSH store or type in into your url bar and search up this product!!

$21.35 for 1.5 oz. I know that sounds pricey, but you seriously will not believe how little of this I use. I dip the very little pad of my finger into the tub and thats it for half my face. I think the price is amazing.

The texture of this is almost watery, which made me think it wouldnt hydrate very well but i was wrong. Its very light, and sinks into the skin almost immediately. The skin just drinks this stuff up and becomes super hydrated! It hydrates my super dry cheeks, but did not make my normal-oily tzone greasy or heavy feeling.

Its made with lavender and ornage flower, but honestly it just smells very "natural". I know natural isnt a smell, but that is the only way to describe it. It is not strong or overpowering and disappears in a minute or so.

Overall, I think this is an amazinggggg facial moisturizer. I think people with oily skin would really benefit from this as well as people with dry skin. and everything in between.

I give this a 5 out of 5!

Til next time!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Review: Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat

(Image Courtesy

I dont know how I ever lived without this top coat. Seriously, heres just a quick rundown. NO mumbo jumbo in this post today.

I have super duper brittle nails. They bend, break, peel, you name it. Even with polish on, my nails still arent super hard. That is unless I used Seche Vite.

This stuff makes my nails hard as rocks. On top of that, dries SUPER fast. You put it on after a minute or so of polishing, not right away, but once its tacky, and it dries within just a few minutes to a rock hard finish.

And my favorite part, this stuff is SUPERRRRRR shiney. It looks like I dipped my nails in liquid glass.

I purchase this from where it is $4.25 for 0.5 oz or $15.90 for the 0.5oz bottle plus a big bottle for refills that is 4 oz.

Til next time! More LUSH reviews coming.