Monday, April 6, 2009

Review: LUSH Imperialis Moisturizer

This is SERIOUS holy grail material right here. Ladies, drop everything you are doing, run to your closest LUSH store or type in into your url bar and search up this product!!

$21.35 for 1.5 oz. I know that sounds pricey, but you seriously will not believe how little of this I use. I dip the very little pad of my finger into the tub and thats it for half my face. I think the price is amazing.

The texture of this is almost watery, which made me think it wouldnt hydrate very well but i was wrong. Its very light, and sinks into the skin almost immediately. The skin just drinks this stuff up and becomes super hydrated! It hydrates my super dry cheeks, but did not make my normal-oily tzone greasy or heavy feeling.

Its made with lavender and ornage flower, but honestly it just smells very "natural". I know natural isnt a smell, but that is the only way to describe it. It is not strong or overpowering and disappears in a minute or so.

Overall, I think this is an amazinggggg facial moisturizer. I think people with oily skin would really benefit from this as well as people with dry skin. and everything in between.

I give this a 5 out of 5!

Til next time!


Zoella. said...

Yay for Imperialis, i use this too and i LOVE it! i second everything you said. It sorts out dry patches and oily patches. UH-MAY-ZIING. I'm glad someone else loves this as much as i do :) x

Neeyuh said...

Awesome review!! Gosh my list for Lush is just getting longer and longer! lol I'm definitely gonna check this out.

Makeup Mama said...

wow, thanks for the review Posey, I'll have to check it out!

LOVEpink said...

sounds sooo good!!!! great review <3333

Tali said...

I have SUPER sensitive skin and the celestial moisturiser is fantastic.. so i reall can believe this is good stuff!!