Friday, April 10, 2009

New Poll

Hey everybody! Happy Friday and Good Friday to those who observe it!

I added a poll over here ------------------------------------------------>

I want to know what you all want to see more of!

If the option isnt in the poll, please leave a comment on this page.

This blog is for all of you, so tell me what you want!


Superficialgirl said...

Voted! :) I also like swatches, it always helps when you are thinking of buying something! :)

MAi . said...

i like everything! haha. gives me more to read! :D

Divya said...

Hi Posey,

I just recently caught on to your blog and I've got to say I really love all your hauls, reviews and tips! Keep it up!

I just had a quick question for you: how did you stop biting your nails? Also, I saw those thin-brushed nail polishes from Art Deco in one of your hauls, would you mind doing some nail tutorials? I've really been trying to break the nail-biting habit for a while now and nail tutorials help me a lot lol so that's just a suggestion for you.

Love the blog!
- Divya

Krystallia said...

Reviews mostly but i would like eveyrthin else as well,lol

Posey said...

DIVYA: I still bite my nails. Lol. Its a tough habit to break. The only way i get my nails to grow is to keep polish on them. I also end up repainting them at leats every other day because i still mess with them lol. Like right now, my nails are short again because i had no polish on and bit them.

Thanks for the comments and answering my poll everyone!