Thursday, April 16, 2009

Brow Tutorial

Hey everyone! I did a brow tutorial for you guys! For tutorial purposes, I used a MUCH darker color than i typically do. Although it doesnt look SUUUPER dark in pictures, it was very dark in real life.
On to the tutorial.

First, I start with a bare brow. Ive plucked as many stray hairs as I could see. (It was night time, so I was just trying to clean them up for this tutorial) As you can see, my brows are pretty full and have a decent shape. (this picture actually washes it out a bit, as well as the angle as they look more bare here than usual lol.) I just really prefer a more dominant/stronger brow.

Then using a thin stiff brush (MAC 212), i pick up some eyebrow powder on the tip of the brush.

Then, I draw a line from the inner bottom corner all the way to my arch.

I also draw a line on the top from the top inner corner to the arch.

Then i dab the brush vertically between the two lines to connect them.

Using a stiff angled brush (sephora brow brush) I pick up more brow powder.

and i fill in the rest of the brow, including the tail. While im doing this, i also go ahead and soften the "box" i initially made outlining the brow inner edge.

Using the same brush i used to make the ouline on my brow (MAC 212) i dip into a concealor a shade lighter than my skin tone.

I draw a line under the entire brow with the concealor. This will highlight the brow and make it appear stronger, and also helps hide any stray hairs.

I blend the concealor down using the same brush. I also use the remaining concealor on the brush and run it along the top side of the brow.

Til next time!


Neeyuh said...

great tut!! i need to find a way to do my eyebrows i do them the quick way and just brush on clear mascara lol. Oh and thank you for the extra tip on my post I'm definitely gonna try that the next time I do my hair mask. :)

happy1234 said...

Great tutorial - im waiting to get mine done at the salon and hopefully can get them done tommorow!! I have been growing them after many years of overplucking!!

Whit said...

wow such a great brow tute!!

Anonymous said...

you have a great shape! By the way I started blogging too...So check it out!!

Sarah said...

Oh your eyebrows look great! This is such an easy step by step tutorial, thankyou : )

Fashion's Darling said...

this is an awesome eyebrow tutorial girl! I suck at doing my brows so i've given up! haha

it's actually REALLY cheap for me to get my eyebrows done in Brooklyn...$5. I KNOW! So I just get 'em done. I once did my own eyebrows alone and tweezed so much off haha

great job though!