Thursday, April 9, 2009

Makeup Tips, Tricks, and Organization

Good Thursday morning followers! Today I wanted to do something a little different and give you all some tips and tricks to make your life easier and faster when it comes to applying makeup.

  1. GET ORGANIZED! That means something different for everybody. For me, I like to keep everything within arms reach. So a traincase is not very handy for me. I bought an organizer from target that sits on my vanity. You can see it here. This way, everything is out and in eyes/arms reach.
  2. Once you decide what makeup you want to use, get it layed out and ready to use. For me, when I know I am going to be using 2 different palettes, I take them both out and open them so they are ready to be dipped into as soon as I need it. This way im not searching for palettes, opening them, and looking for the shadow I want to use next.
  3. USE PALETTES! Yes, they cost money, but you can find them for a decent price from many retailers. I have the original 15 pan palettes from Coastal Scents, but they now make magnetized ones as well. Palettes house all your shadows so you dont have to deal with organizing and finding a single eyeshadow when you need it.
  4. Use tape. I know some people dont like using tape and dont like the harsh line it causes, but it really makes applying eyeshadow much faster. Place a small piece of regular scotch tape from the corner of your eye to the outer tip of the tail of your brow. When you are done applying your eyeshadow, gently peel it off to show a nice clean line that ends exactly where it "should". Dont like the harsh line? Simple. Lightly blend it out with your finger or a blending brush.
  5. Keep towels handy. Paper towels cost money and cause alot of waste product. Instead buy cheap towels. I get mine in the dollar section at target. They are hand towels with a light texture to them. I fold them up, use a side, when that side gets dirty, flip it to a clean side. When the whole towel is dirty, I toss it in the wash and use a new clean one. (I buy the white ones. Yes they get stained and never look perfect again, but thats ok, as long as I know they are clean.) This helps me in so many ways. Say for a look im using the 239 brush for more than one color, I just swipe my brush across the towel to get rid of excess color before I dip into a new color.
  6. Apply your highlight color last. I know some people prefer to do it first, butttttttt, applying the highlight color last lets you control the height of the crease/lid color and lets you fix mistakes. Say I apply my crease color too high, instead of having to try and fix it with more color, you can just apply your highlight and blend down. It helps tone down the crease color if you went up to high.
  7. Like the light feeling of powder foundation but hate how it just sits on top of your skin and looks, well, powdery. Easy. Lightly spritz your brush with some Fix+ before buffing it into the skin. This helps the powder sink into the skin better and gets rid of that powdery look. I like to take my 181 and bounce it on my studio fix powder. Once I have the desired amount of product on my brush, I hold my brush a foot or so away from the Fix+ bottle and spritz the brush with only about half a spray. I dont want the brush to get soaked, or even damp really. Just lightly misted. ALSO, never spray your brush first, then dip it into the product, it can ruin your powder.

Well thats it for now. These are just some things I have had on my mind that I thought I would share.


Til next time!


Cris said...

Thanks for these :). Personally, I wouldn't use tape on my face though...

Posey said...

Cris: Thanks! And its actually very popular, the tape trick lol. There are a ton of people who use it, and its not the whoel face. Just really like near your temple. I know i dont have a picture but you can search youtube for some people who use the tape trick. It works really well.

Amy said...

Hi! Really useful tricks
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happy1234 said...

Some good tips and tricks here!!

Neeyuh said...

Great tips and tricks! :)

Lisa Fashionista said...

great tips, i especially like the Fix+ one! I usually just mist my whole face with it after applying powder. but I'm gonna try your idea. :)

Sarah said...

Oh fantastic tips! I love your makeup storage baskets, they are perfect and look so neat!!!!

Saimese said...

Good tips! I always like to have everything within arms length & set out the products in front of me so I'm not looking for things between the application process