Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Hello everyone! I want to apologize for my absence. Since 4th of July, I feel like I haven't gotten anything done. With July near an end, I am trying to spend as much time outside, enjoying the nice summer weather while we have it here! I've also been spending alot of time reading, as I enjoy it even more than makeup! I know huge shock!

I will be back to regular blogging this week!

I still have not decided whether or not to have a blog sale. Although I have a decent collection, not nearly as large as some, I do use almost every item I have at some point, so for me to sit down and try to part with things are difficult, as these items are what started my passion for makeup! I will keep you all updated on that as well if I do decide to have one!

Another reason I have not been blogging is motivation for one. I have barely worn any makeup, let alone done my hair in weeks! But I'm slowly coming out of that rut. As well, being a blogger who reviews many items, my wallet is nearly empty most times. As I have explained before, I am trying to save up to attend beauty school to get my Estethician License. So, if I'm broke, I cannot buy as many products to review.

But don't fret! I still have a household of items to review for you all!

I hope all of you are well, and will continue to be the loyal followers you always have been!

Til next time (soon)!

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