Friday, August 21, 2009

Real Life Gets In The Way

Happy Friday to all my amazing followers! I bet you all are looking forward to this coming weekend as I am!

First and foremost, I want to thank all of my followers who have been around since the beginning and all of my newer followers. I have always done this blog for you!

Second, at times, our real lives get in the way of our blog lives! I have always strived to regularly post on this blog, and did for quite some time! But, sometimes, I cannot keep that end of the deal.

Just to give you all some insight, I have always worked a desk job. In the AM I work at a desk job, and in the afternoons I was working at a job where I could be on my laptop and what not, so blogging was super easy. Now, I still work a desk job in the AM, but I now have a second job at a grocery store. So, as you can see, I cannot simply blog while ringing customers through the check lane! Lol. I am also working 50 hours a week at a minimum at all hours of the day/night. So when I DO get some time off, its usually spent eating, sleeping, cleaning or spending time with my boyfriend. Things I don't have time to do as much anymore.

I do adore blogging, and do read everyone's blogs still in the morning, but I dont always have time to comment, or to make a new post on my blog as much as I would love to!

BUT I'm not going away forever! If I try a product that is absolutely amazing, and I think you all need to know about it, I WILL do a review for you all. If I do an awesome look and have time to snap some shots of it, I will definitely make a tutorial for you all!

So, I may not be blogging as much, but I'm still here. I just dont want to make promises to post this and that, and than not do it! Id rather not make promises I cant keep!

So, I'm not saying goodbye, I'm saying Ill see you around, because I will!

Love to all!

Til next time!

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Makeup Mama said...

aw Posey, you're so busy these days! no worries, whenever you're ready I'll be more than excited to read your reviews...they're always spot on!