Friday, September 4, 2009

I'm Back With a Review!! Prometheus Cosmetics!

Hi all! Long time no see! I had some free time this morning, and since I LOVE LOVE LOVE this product, I had to give you all a quick review!

You all have noticed I'm sure that I have been using many products from Prometheus Cosmetics. Here is another cream that is to die for!

I did a review on their day moisturizer a while back, and although I liked it, it didnt moisturize my super dry cheeks enough. Cue in the Night Cream!
Rest and Repair Night Cream is a lovely cream on the thicker side meant to be used before bed. What I adore about this cream is that, although it is heavier, it does not leave my face greasy!! Many night creams have a tendency to do that. I use about a nickel sized amount and start applying it on my cheeks then blend it out. Within seconds, my skin has completely absorbed all the creamy goodness and my skin feels super soft and hydrated.
What I love most is the scent. It contains lavender oil which helps melt away the stress from the day and help me sleep well throughout the night.
(Taken directly from
"Rest and Repair Anti-Oxidant Night Cream
This anti-oxidant right night cream works overnight to nourish and revitalize skin. It absorbs deeply to strengthen skin and diminish the appearance of wrinkles, while helping to restore vitality to damaged skin cells and accelerate new cell production.
Soybean and Vitamin A promote skin balance and even out skin tone. Natural Plant Extracts combat free radical damage, and Algae extracts increase skin hydration levels.
Lavender oil relaxes and soothes, allowing your skin to de-stress for the night."
Now, although this cream is meant for nighttime, I needed some extra moisture for the day. I use about half the amount for daytime. Like I said before, this cream does not leave a greasy layer on the skin. So it works perfectly to hydrate my dry skin, without making me look shiney throughout the day.
There isnt much more I can say except GO BUY THIS CREAM! Whether you have dry skin or not, Rest and Repair will help moisturize your skin, even out the tone of your skin, and relax you to a night of endless dreams!
This cream can be purchased from
Til next time!

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