Tuesday, November 11, 2008

NAILS! NailTek Xtra!

If you're like me, your nails cant grow at all because you bite them, they peel and crack, bend, and are super brittle!

I would die for long strong healthy nails. I am so sick of spending money of acrylic or gel nails, to only rip them off in a few days to show ruineddddd nails!!!

I have been trying to stop biting/picking (such a bad habit and so hard to kick). I started polishing my nails every few days so i wouldnt mess with them, in a sense, to not ruin the paint job i spent 30 minutes doing lol.

I picked up Nail Tek's Xtra nail strenghtening polish. It is a clear coat you use as a base and top coat.

The directions were to apply a base coat of Nail Tek, then 2 coats nail polish, then a top coat of the Nnail Tek. Then apply a coat of Nail Tek everyday for a week. Remove all polish, and start over!

WELLL i have been using this stuff for about 3 days now, and my nails are all ready very strong!!!!! when i press the tip, it doesnt bend at all!!!!!!!!!
Even with polish, my nails used to bend if i put pressure on the tip!!!!!

I can safely say, that after 3 days, my nails are getting stronger! I cant wait to see how this stuff works over th enext few weeeks! I will probably take a before/after pic of them, just to see the difference. But so far i give this product a 5/5!


Hannah said...

I have the same problem from years of biting my nails! They always peel and break, I got Sally Hansens Hard As Nails and Extreme Hard As Nails, as far as Im concerned they are both just clear polish. So yes! I might try out your one.

Posey said...

Heyyy hannah!

Yeah, i bought some Sally Hansen "Diamond" something or other. And really, it didnt do much to me. I only used it for like 3 days, but COME ON! i should have noticed something right? lol.

I bought the Nail Tek Xtra at my local beauty supply store for 10.49 plus tax. Obviously, they are privately owned and operated so they set their own prices, but im sure thats pretty average!

Check it out! i really love it so far!

Francesca said...

i have the exact same problem, the only way i seem to get this bad habbit to calm down, is to trick myself with nail polish...

For some odd reason i only attack my bare nail...
But i do need sometype f protection for when the nail polish is coming off.... i'll totally look into nail tek xtra....

Hope to see some beofre and after shots soon ^^

Posey said...

Francesca, I am the same way!
I HAVE to trick myself with polish, and im so bad i usually peel it off the next day!

I would do before and afters, but i am renovating my new house, and my nails have gone down the drain due to it.
I will start it up again and takes pics after 1 week. so probably in about a week and a half or so i will get pics!